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What Happens If You Don’t Cut Your Split Ends Regularly

Here’s a detailed discussion on what happens if you don’t cut your split ends regularly. Read on to find out the importance and benefits of cutting your split ends regularly!

In our lives, there is once a stage in a few months when we realize that our hair isn’t looking that healthy or shiny with the previous feeling of bounce. When we run our fingers through the hair we feel the dryness and then see the ends are turned into splits. Along with split ends, the glow of your hair also reduces to an extent that it does not look appealing.

Do you know the reasons why we get split ends in the first place? Let us know about them!

One of the very prime reasons is using heating tools excessively, then washing your hair daily, and then drying them with a towel, and not using cotton instead. Usage of rubber bands also damages. You’re supposed to trim your hair every two weeks according to an ancient hair growth belief. If you are trimming, you must either cut for growth or get rid of split ends. A split end, according to the belief, will eventually split for a long time.

what happens if your split ends reach your scalp
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What Happens if You Don’t Cut Your Split Ends Regularly

Today we will discuss all the major reasons why you need to cut the split ends for healthy growing hair.

The Need To Trim Split Ends

You shouldn’t leave your split ends untreated for any number of reasons, including the fact that they make your hair look dry, spoiled, and boring.

The tiny outgrowth from existing ends is split ends when they do not repair on their own, cutting them down is the most preferred way to end an abnormal growth of hair. If you begin to condition or care for your hair, split ends won’t just suddenly reattach.

In most cases when not trimmed frequently in 3 months or 2 months there can be a group of split ends that will make your hair appear less attractive. It automatically does not let you have proper hair growth.

what happens if you dont cut your hair female
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It is normal for split ends to be as light as your original hair color. The result is that your original hair color will appear uneven and faded. When not trimmed the outcome is not favorable it eventually takes away the beauty of your hair. The everlasting shine in it. Once splits ends keep coming no measure of molding, caring for them will help reduce splits. The best way to get rid of them is to chop them off, baby.

What are these Split ends?

Your hair is damaged and wears off its outer protective covering when the cuticle which is the layer at the outside starts to separate from the shaft. Split ends develop when this occurs. Split ends are caused by the delicate inner layer of your hair becoming subject to becoming thin and without moisture and care.

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Split ends can be caused by a number of reasons. Some of the damage could be attributed to the difficult conditions your hair has to face once in a while because of pollution dirt or humidity, but it is also necessary that those factors are taken into consideration. Manage how you are mistreating the everyday hair.

Split ends are all the hair that is dead. The hair at the end can become crunchy and feel not at all great. Also, nothing bad can be said about managing those assuming you need to. However, your development will be slower if not taken care of at the early time itself.

Be consistent with the caretaking of your hair while using oils on them, wrap them up on hairdos, wear a silk or silk rest cap. When a hair is parted it is absolutely impossible to stick it back together or fix it. Cutting it is the main arrangement for letting the new hair grow properly without any dead ends obstructing the growth.

how often should you trim your hair to avoid split ends
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The damage levels can vary from one hair type to other while the ones who have thick hair may not discover many visible split ends while on the other hand, those who love their thin hair must be a little careful. Since splits will quite easily be very visible and also in result might cause you to have frizzy hair.

So do take care from the first time you spot any split end from your side. I simply need to tell you that even hair needs the utmost care like your body so does not give up on that and we have already got you covered on how to get rid of them below.

Easy way To Trim Split Ends

The simplest, fastest and most advantageous approach to disposing of separated closures is by managing them by trimming them off. Before you rush off to set up a meeting with your stylist, listen to me. You can undoubtedly manage the split end problem yourself just being at home. Yes my friend the simple tool you will need is a pair of scissors and here you have money!

Here are simple process steps to chop them off:

How to Cut Your Split Ends

You start with the process of completely straightening your hair then use a comb that detangles all the hair and joints in your hair giving you smooth even hair. Select each section of hair and evenly hold those with your fingers. As a result, you’ll see a few strands of hair above your middle finger. Make sure the hair is even, otherwise cutting them down could give uneven levels of hair. The split ends will be visible above your middle finger thanks to this weaving action.

Use the hair trimming scissors When Cutting Split Ends

As you continue to weave your fingers through the hair, slide your fingers along the section and trim off the split ends in the exact way. As you slide and trim, keep doing this until you reach the end of the segment. Repeat this procedure to cut the rest of your hair.

what happens if you don't cut split ends
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Trimming Split Ends

Assuming the fact if you don’t have enough time or willingness to do this process. There is an easy way out. Just simply cut down the ends of your hair evenly and get rid of them in a few minutes without going through the twisting of hair then carefully chopping them off.

Preventing Future Split Ends

  • There is a number of things you must be aware of to avoid getting split ends and losing the pretty shine of your delicate and loving hair:
  • You must wonder when mentioned so many times how important it is to trim your hair. I am sure you must be guessing how many days or months you should continue doing it. We, along with most stylist recommend trimming your hair every 2-3 months.
  • From ancient times it was very wisely advised to oil your hair every week to help it regain all the nutrients it sometimes lacks. Our hair needs nourishment from within, and oiling it does just that. In any case, another way this helps your hair is by bringing the harmed ends to an end and simply getting fresh hair right by rinsing it off with a good shampoo.
  • Regularly utilizing heat styling instruments like blow dryers, level irons, and twisting wands denies your hair of its dampness and leaves it dry, weak, and defenseless to divide closes. Also try not to involve them however little you can, and when you truly do utilize them, ensure you apply a heat protectant to your hair before using them.
  • Try not to wash your hair consistently and abstain from utilizing boiling water. Doing either or both of these things can strip your hair of its normal oils and get dried out and can get rough ends eventually.
  • Be very patient when drying your hair. Do not use harsh substances and few towels that come in the market rather use cotton or wrapping them with microfiber towels can be benefitting to your hair. It absorbs too much water in the hair present. Do not beat off the hair with the towel; it also causes split ends.
  • Always apply conditioner after shampoo. Split ends can be reduced by using leave-in conditioners because they make hair more tangle-free and easier to detangle. Never forget to do this as this is your best friend after oiling. This tep makes your hair softer and further allows no split ends to find their way.
  • Utilizing a wide-toothed brush by just getting it to move gradually up from below towards your scalp to avoid further tangles or breakage, and split ends.
  • Whenever going for a drive or walk in the wind or dust remember to protect your hair with a hoodie or scarf. Letting your hair be exposed to wind or dust could result in damage further into split ends. Wearing anything that goes with your style and also helps you reduce the damage could be a great choice for you.
  • They say rubber bands are girls’ best friends. When we lose them it is so difficult for us. But I will suggest you to lose all the tight rubber bands you got. Use the softer ones as they don’t lead to split ends or breakage. As the rubber bands which are soft let the hair ties to be gentle.
  • From a nutrient point of view food is the reason your hair stays healthy no matter the number of proteins you use. Having all the proteins and vitamins is equally necessary.
  • The appearance of split ends is extremely unattractive. Despite this, it doesn’t mean they’re impossible to get rid of. We’ve provided you with instructions on how to trim your split ends, so try it out, don’t forget to keep taking care of yourself. Because self love is the best love you can provide yourself.

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