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What Causes Gray Hair And How To Prevent Gray Hair

Are you wondering what causes gray hair? And are you looking for solutions to prevent it because you want to get ahead of the problem? Here’s a detailed guide on the cause of gray hair and methods on how to prevent gray hair. 

Have you recently looked in the mirror and noticed your gray hairs? 

Now, I’m not against having gray hair. I believe in aging gracefully and as you grow older your hair is going to turn gray. And that’s fine with me. It’s natural and honestly, it’s beautiful. 

But a lot of times, aging is not the only reason why your hair turns gray. 

When I was in my late 20’s I noticed some of my hairs turning gray and panicked because it’s too early to rock gray hairs right now! So to get ahead of my gray hair problem, I tried a few methods to prevent and reverse it. And boy did it work! 

But before I got to the treatment part, I had to first understand what was causing my hair to turn gray. And if you have gray hair too then you need to first figure out what causes gray hair and more importantly what is causing gray hair in your situation. 

In this article, I’ll explain in detail the mechanism and causes of gray hair, and recommend methods (that I have tried myself and found to be effective) in reducing gray hair and preventing gray hair in future.

What Causes Gray Hair and How to Prevent Gray Hair

What Causes Gray Hair

To begin with, it is said that gray hair is caused by a problem with melanocytes (pigment stem cells which give hair and skin its color) resulting in the loss of “melanin pigment” production.

what causes gray hair

Human hair is produced at the hair root and grows newly, but in fact, all newly produced hair is gray. Hair in the gray state becomes coloured hair when this melanin pigment gets to work. 

Our hair color is largely related to the type and amount of melanin pigment. If the amount of melanin pigment is really high in your skin then you’ll have jet black hair. If you have low melanin content then you’ll have lighter hair color like blonde. And gray hair appears when you have little to no pigment. 

If there is a problem with the melanocytes (pigment stem cells that produce melanin pigment), the pigment is not taken up by the hair and it grows out, resulting in gray hair.

It’s simple science, folks! 

There are Two Types Of Gray Hair: Dormant Gray Hair and Deficient-type Gray Hair

Gray hair can be divided into two types depending on the problem causing it: 

Dormant gray hair and Deficient gray hair.

  • “Dormant gray hair” is a condition in which melanocytes (pigment stem cells) are temporarily dormant due to problems such as scalp problems, nutritional deficiencies, or stress, and may return to black hair when the problem is corrected.
  • On the other hand, “deficient-type gray hair” is a condition in which melanocytes (pigment stem cells) are reduced or absent due to aging or other factors, and are unable to produce the melanin pigment that makes hair black.

The difference between deficient-type gray hair and dormant-type gray hair is that, deficient-type gray hair cannot return to its original color because it cannot produce melanin pigment.

What are the Main Causes of Gray Hair? 

There are four main reasons for gray hair: 

  • Aging
  • Stress
  • Daily life and lifestyle
  • Heredity

There are many reasons for gray hair, including those closely related to daily life and the human body’s mechanisms. I’ll review each cause in detail.

#1 — Aging 

The most common cause of gray hair is aging. The human body deteriorates day by day due to aging, and hair also deteriorates due to aging in the same way.

aging and gray hair

As we age, these pigment cells in our hair follicles die. This results in the hair strands taking up lesser and lesser of the melanin pigment which in turn results in graying of hair.

#2 — Stress-induced

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It is often said that severe stress causes gray hair, and the Autonomic Nervous System has a great deal to do with the increase in gray hairs caused by stress.

Disturbance of the autonomic nervous system causes poor blood flow to the scalp, resulting in poor circulation and insufficient nutrition to the hair and scalp, which in turn causes melanocytes (pigment stem cells) to work less effectively.

In fact, in a study of mice, when induced with stress there was a noticeable loss of  melanocyte stem cells resulting in gray hair. 

When melanocytes function poorly, they cannot take up melanin pigment and hair grows gray.

#3 — Due to Daily Life and Lifestyle

Causes of graying hair can also be found in daily life and lifestyle habits. One of the most common causes is a lack of nutrition due to poor diet.

Hair is mainly made from protein (amino acids), and if you are unable to consume protein (amino acids) or lack nutrients such as vitamins and zinc, which play a role in hair growth, your hair will not receive nutrients, making it more likely to turn gray.

In one study, it was found that patients with a lack of Vitamin B12 has premature hair graying.

It is important to try to eat a well balanced diet in your daily life.

In addition to insufficient nutrition, lack of sleep also leads to a disturbed scalp environment, making it easier for hair to turn gray.

#4 — Due to heredity

It is said that the cause of gray hair is also influenced by heredity. Since hair quality and color are inherited, it cannot be said that there is no causal relationship with gray hair at all.

Infact, a study by a research team of University College London found that our genes do in fact affect graying of hair. 

How to Prevent Gray Hair?

Now that we have discussed the causes of gray hair, let’s talk about what methods are effective in preventing and dealing with gray hair.

I have discovered three very important tips to reduce gray hair or at least slow down the process of graying. I have tried these myself and it worked really well for me!

The following three methods of prevention and remedies are possible based on the causes of gray hair.

  • Improvement of the scalp environment
  • Reviewing lifestyle habits
  • Use of hair growth tonic

My recommendation is that you practice all these three tips together to prevent gray hair cause I’ve understood that it is my best chance at preventing gray hair!

The following is a detailed explanation of each of these effective methods for preventing and dealing with graying hair.

#1 — You Can Prevent Gray Hair By Improving Your Scalp Conditions 

The first thing to do to prevent and improve gray hair is to improve the scalp environment.

A poor scalp environment prevents nutrients from reaching the hair follicles, which leads to gray hairs. And the growth of bacteria leads to scalp problems such as dandruff and itching.

To improve the scalp environment, you do not need to do anything particularly difficult, but should be aware of the following:

  • Brush your hair to remove dust and debris from your hair
  • Shampoo your hair thoroughly to remove dirt from your hair and scalp.
  • Massaging the scalp to improve blood circulation to the scalp
how to prevent graying hair

All of these are things that can be easily practiced in daily life, so if you are concerned about your gray hair, please try them first.

#2 — Changing your Current Lifestyle May Help In Preventing Gray Hair

To prevent and improve gray hair, it is also important to change your current lifestyle for the better.

In particular, the three basics of your lifestyle: “diet,” “sleep,” and “exercise,” are important. 

  • Diet: We should try to have a well-balanced diet so that nutrients are distributed to the hair and scalp. 
  • Exercise is expected to have the effect of reducing the aging of the body and promoting blood circulation. 
  • Lastly, good quality sleep is equally important as diet and exercise. Lack of sleep or irregular sleep cycles can cause stress and disorders of the autonomic nervous system.
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A healthy lifestyle with an awareness of the three elements of “diet,” “sleep,” and “exercise” will help prevent and improve gray hair.

#3 — Use of Hair Growth Tonic Can Prevent Gray Hair

Hair growth tonic has an image of being used to prevent hair loss and improve thinning hair, but in fact, it can also be effective in preventing gray hair as well. 

In addition to promoting hair growth and regrowth, the ingredients in hair growth tonic have the effect of maintaining a healthy scalp environment. And when used correctly, nutrients reach the hair follicles, making it easier for black hair to grow.

hair growth tonic to prevent gray hair

However, it should be noted that the preventive effect of using hair growth products can only be expected in the case of dormant gray hair, and is ineffective against deficient gray hair and cannot restore black hair.

How to Use Hair Growth Tonic to Prevent Gray Hair? 3 Effects of Hair Growth Tonics

I’ve already explained two important methods on how to prevent gray hair, but I strongly  recommend using a hair growth tonic to reduce gray hair. 

Hair growth tonics have the following three effects:

  • Improvement of scalp environment
  • Promoting blood circulation
  • Prevention of bacterial growth

The effects of hair growth tonics are also effective in preventing gray hair.

Here I’ll talk about each effect of hair growth tonics in detail:

#1 — Hair Growth tonics can Improve scalp environment which in turn can prevent gray hair

Hair growth tonic contains anti-inflammatory ingredients that prevent scalp inflammation, suppress dandruff and itchiness, and improve the scalp environment. 

This can prevent and improve the deterioration of the scalp environment that causes gray hair.

#2 — Hair Growth Tonic Promotes blood circulation Which Can Help in Preventing Gray Hair

Hair growth tonic has the effect of stimulating blood circulation in the scalp to promote hair growth and regrowth. 

By promoting blood circulation, it becomes easier for nutrients necessary for hair growth to reach hair follicles.

#3 — Prevention of bacterial growth

The scalp is a common site for the growth of bacteria due to the high density of hair and the high sebum production in this environment. Hair growth tonics contain ingredients that have a bactericidal effect and prevent the growth of bacteria.

Washing Hair and Massaging the Scalp with Hair Growth Products can be more Effective In Preventing Gray Hair

As we have mentioned, simply using hair growth tonic is effective in preventing gray hairs, but it is also effective if done together with hair washing and scalp massage.

In order for the ingredients contained in hair growth tonic to spread throughout the scalp, they must be used on a clean scalp. 

  • First, wash your hair thoroughly using a shampoo to remove debris and dust from your hair.
  • After washing the hair, apply the hair growth product and massage the scalp, which will soften the scalp and help stimulate blood circulation.

By following the above tips in addition to simply using hair growth products, it is possible to further enhance their effectiveness and prevent growth of gray hair.

Understanding What Is Causing Your Gray Hair Can Help You Prevent and Reduce the Appearance of Gray Hair

We have discussed in detail the causes of gray hair and how to prevent it.

The causes of gray hairs are related to a variety of factors, from daily life and lifestyle disorders to aging and stress.

Even if you have gray hairs, if you know the causes, you may be able to prevent or improve them by improving your scalp environment or using hair growth products.

If you are concerned about gray hairs, why not start by maintaining a normal scalp environment by using hair growth products as a preventive measure?

Causes of Gray Hair: FAQs

Is gray hair caused by stress? 

There is some scientific evidence to suggest that stress can cause gray hair. One study found that mice exposed to chronic stress experienced premature graying of their fur. 
It’s thought that this may be due to the body’s fight-or-flight response, which can lead to a decrease in the production of melanocytes – cells that produce pigment in the hair.
While there is still more research to be done on this topic, it seems clear that stress can have an impact on the aging process, including causing gray hair. 
So if you’re noticing more gray hairs lately, it might be worth taking a look at your overall stress levels and seeing if there are any changes you can make to reduce your stress.

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Is Gray Hair Reversible?

Stress-induced premature hair graying may be reversible, according to a study. If you think your gray hair is due to stress or lack of pigment (Melanin), simply tackle the root cause, and your natural color will typically return over time at the roots.  However, there is an age window for gray hair to be reversible.

What causes GRAY hair at an early age?

The main causes for gray hair at an early age (premature hair graying) are: poor diet, stress, and genes. If you’re not getting enough nutrients, it can lead to your hair looking dull and unhealthy, which can make it appear gray. If you’re constantly under stress, it can affect the melanocyte cells that give color to your hair, resulting in gray hair. Lastly, genetics play a role too. If your parents or grandparents went gray early, you’re more likely to go through the same. 

How can I avoid gray hair?

The best way to avoid gray hair is to live a healthy lifestyle. Eating an antioxidant-rich diet and reducing stress can help keep your scalp healthy and prevent premature graying. Stress is also known to cause gray hair. So avoiding stress and finding ways to manage stress can help avoid premature hair graying. In addition, be sure to maintain a healthy scalp by keeping it clean and hydrated. 

Why do I have gray hair at 25?

It might be surprising (and a little scary) to find gray hair in your mid twenties. But many experts say that this can be normal especially if you’re genetically predisposed to early onset of graying hair. Other than this, lack of sleep, stress, and a poor diet can also cause early appearance of gray hair. 

Does lack of sleep cause gray hair?

Lack of sleep can cause your health to deteriorate, including your skin and hair. When you get quality sleep, you will notice an increase in hair fall and other unfavorable hair conditions, including gray hair. 

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