Sulphur for hair growth

Is Sulphur Good For Hair Growth?

Wondering is sulphur good for hair growth? Here’s everything you need to know about sulphur and how it effects your hair. Check it out!

Sulphur is known to be the third most abundant mineral found in the human body. The body requires the three most important minerals; calcium being the first followed up by phosphorus and sulphur, these minerals are the most used and found in abundance in the human body. Sulphur can be easily found in a lot of components found in the human body like in food we consume every day.

So let’s find out is sulphur good for growth?

Is Sulphur Good for Hair Growth

Sulphur is known to treat a lot of skin infections and diseases that are either bacterial and fungal. It is applied to the skin directly for rashes and redness and helps to soothe irritated skin. 

It is an important nutritional supplement that helps in hair growth, strong nails and healthy skin. Sulphur is also known to be an important supplement for hair growth. It helps to keep the scalp healthy and helps in the overall health of hair besides strengthening and boosting hair elasticity. 

How does Sulphur affect hair growth?

Sulphur is known to be one of the most important components when it comes to hair growth. Sulphur contains Keratin which is a major component of hair growth, another important component that sulphur contains that forms as the building block of hair growth are biotin; it is not only important for nails and skin but also healthy locks. 

Sulphur helps to treat dry and irritated scalp by providing nourishment to the human body. It helps to treat dandruff, although the research of it being highly effective is limited and has not been proven. 

If you wash your scalp every second day with a shampoo rich in sulphur and acting as a major component alongside salicylic acid you can rest assured to keep dandruff at bay. 

Sulphur also helps to treat hair that is affected by scabies; sulphur-rich creams and shampoos are applied to the affected area and are left as it is for at least 3 to 6 days depending on the severity of the situation. 

Sulphur-rich Food That Helps In Hair Growth

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A diet rich in high sulphur food helps to improve the overall condition of your health and also helps in hair growth. 

Sulphur is found in a wide variety of food components that we consume every day. Food rich in sulphur is salmon, eggs, meat, oysters, green leafy vegetables. Egg yolks are known to contain sulphur. The components of food like garlic and onions which are part of our everyday diet are known to contain sulphur in abundance. 

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Sulphur is a mineral that helps to produce glutathione, this boosts hair growth and improves scalp health. It is also a major detoxifying property.

  • Eggs

We are advised to consume eggs as a part of our daily diet. Eggs are rich in methionine; this is sulphur which has a high component of amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks of the human body.

It helps regulate the metabolism and improve blood circulation which gives enough oxygen space for the growth of hair. It is known to protect the body tissues from wear and tear; thus improving hair health and making the locks lustrous.

An egg a day is known to provide protein which is as much as six grams. Eggs are rich in components like vitamin b12, and vitamin d and can be consumed every day.

  • Meat and Fish 

It is important to consume meat and fish as a part of our daily diet. Seafood, meat and fish contain a high amount of sulphur as a mineral. Components like cysteine and methionine are present in abundance. Chicken breast, prawns, and crabs contain sulphur. 

Fish oil helps in the improvement of hair and boots hair growth. Fish oil is rich in Omega acid which is a healthy fat. If you boil one chicken breast and consume it; it will supply you with 300 milligrams of sulphur. This helps to regulate blood circulation and provide your body with the nutrients which are important for your body.

  • Green leafy vegetables

Green leafy vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower are rich in sulphur content. You must try and add at least one green component to your diet regularly. This will not only help to keep you healthy overall but also help your hair to grow thicker and stronger. 

It is highly antioxidant in nature; keeps your scalp free from bacteria causing germs and prevents dryness. One cabbage contains 22 grams of sulphur which is essential to boost metabolism and supplies the body with the required amount of sulphur.

  • Garlic and Onions

These are components of the food we consume almost every day and are a part of our diet. These are known to be rich in sulphur content. These foods have high allicin​, ​alliin​ and ​diallyl sulfide​ which helps to supply the human body with enough nutrients which also keeps the hair healthy and boosts hair growth.

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Research has shown if you consume garlic and onion as a part of your daily diet it helps to control the development of cholesterol, improve metabolism and keep cardiac disease at bay.

Research has shown consumption of garlic and onion regularly has also seen to witness the growth of baby hair and added thickness to hair improving hair health.

  • Nuts And Seeds

Nuts and seeds are also rich in sulphur as a component. The most significant sources of sulphur in nuts are peanuts, almonds, cashew nuts, and Brazilian nuts. Dried nuts of certain vegetables and flowers like sunflower nuts,  pumpkin nuts and sesame seeds are high in sulphur content and very healthy for consumption of hair growth. 

Nuts are rich in sulphur and fats which help boost hair growth and supply hair with abundant nutrients which help in the development of hair follicles.

  • Spices 

Certain spices are rich in sulphur content and help to boost hair growth. Curry leaves is an age-old spice found in Indian kitchens which is rich in sulphur content. Ginger is another regularly found spice that is rich in sulphur content and helps to boost hair growth. Mustard is also known to have some traces of sulphur.

Although spices are not known to be abundant in sulphur content, these consumed in small amounts regularly form as major components in the overall health of hair. 

  • Legumes

Legumes such as soybeans, kidney beans, red beans, black beans contain traces of sulphur. It is important to introduce legumes as a part of the daily supply of nutrients to help and ease blood circulation, legumes are a major source of plant protein. 

Legumes help the body in absorption of nutrients and thus regulate hair growth and maintain a healthy scalp.

  • Dairy products 

If you are not lactose intolerant, milk can form a major component of your diet. Milk is also known to be rich in sulphur content. Milk by-products that are rich in sulphur are yoghurt and cheese.

These can be consumed as part of your daily diet and helps in maintaining healthy hair and helps in hair growth as it contains vitamins and sulphur which adds to the hair care essential nutrients.

  • Dried fruits 

One important fact to keep in mind is dried fruits are rich in sulphur content as compared to fresh fruits as they tend to have the more concentrated forms of nutrients which form a direct supply of sulphur and help in hair growth. 

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When the fruits are dried there are high components of liquid and sugar which are removed in the process. Dried fruits are rich in antioxidants and help to maintain healthy locks.

Plant-based sulphur-rich food for hair growth are:

  • Fish and meat 
  • Seafood
  • Dairy products
  • Legumes
  • Green and leafy vegetables 
  • Eggs 
  • Certain spices like ginger and mustard 
  • Dried fruits 

How To Use Sulphur By Mixing In Oil For Hair Growth 

Image source: Pexels

Oiling your scalp is a very healthy practice and helps you to maintain healthy hair and boosts blood circulation. If you include sulphur in your hair oil it will help you to increase hair growth, even more, let us learn how:

Recipe 1:

Take 2ml of coconut oil

4 to 5 drops of jojoba oil 

4 to 5 drops of rosemary oil 

4 to 5 drops of olive oil 

Add a tablespoon of sulphur power 


You can keep all the above ingredients in a jar and shake them well, let it sit for a few minutes. Now part your hair into different sections; it is recommended to divide your hair into a tiny section for smooth application. Apply it smoothly to your scalp and massage it gently for about 15 to 20 minutes.

Let the oil remain in the scalp for about 30 to 45 minutes and wash it with a mild shampoo. You will notice a visible change.

Recipe 2:

Take 1 tablespoon of sulphur powder

Take 4 to 5 drops of castor oil 

Take 4 to 5 drops of peppermint oil 


Mix all the components stated above and store them in a bottle, after you have mixed the ingredients, you need to let them sit for some time.

Divide your hair into sections and apply the mixed oil to the scalp. Gently massage the scalp and let the oil stay for at least 30 to 40 minutes.

You can wash your hair with a mild shampoo and enjoy stress-free hair, you can use this hair oil at least 2 to 3 times a week to help boost hair growth.