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Stylish Big Box Braids Hairstyles

Here are the stylish big box braids hairstyles for you. Check it out!

If you are into African braiding styles, you must have definitely leaned towards donning box braids at some point. The discipline and parallel ratchet appearance of box braids is what makes it an all-time favourite braiding style. The defining characteristic of box braids is that they are installed in a manner of orderly square hair patches from your scalp. If you have already had box braids or are completely new to the gorgeous world of box braids, we have a list of super fresh ways to make your box braids look even better! Once installed, box braids can last you for a convenient period of nearly eight weeks. And before you ask, yes it is possible to make your box braids look better.

Best Big Box Braids Hairstyles

Box Braids in Bantu Knots

Box braids open up so many exclusive hairstyles that would not look as good on unbraided hair. One of such hairstyles is the very famous Bantu Knots. This hairstyle originated in the Zulu culture of South Africa. The box braids are spiralled into knots that are stacked onto the scalp. This is a protective hairstyle and is a brilliant hack to strengthen your hair from the roots while rocking a chic look. You can style the knots further by using beads or roping threads into your box braids.

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Triangle (or Square) Box Braids

This braiding style is one of the most unique hairstyles that looks like it is straight out of a fashion show. Triangle box braids are a very creative and artistic variation of the normal box braids. All of your hair is sectioned into multiple triangles or squares and then braided how a usual box braid would be woven. For achieving that neat precision of design, getting this particular hairstyle professionally would be a great idea. Experimenting with triangle patterns will surely step up your box braids game by miles.

Fishtail Braid

A heavy Fishtail Braid made out of box braids is a hairstyle that is sure to make heads turn. Due to the thickness of the braids, making a fishtail becomes a quick and easy job. Just divide all your hair into two sections and get in the groove with this therapeutic fishtail braiding technique. The end product will make you look and feel like a Greek goddess. This hairstyle can be worn for casual outings and office meetings alike due to its pretty and tamed appearance.

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One Side Box Braids

This style of box braids would require you to braid all your hair in one direction. The hairstyle has a soft flowy look to it. It is a rather creative style and brings out the best of your personality by making a subtle but strong statement. One side box braids are usually paired with mohawk-style shaved sides which adds an edge to your look. It is one of the most inspired and creative styles if you are toying with the idea of getting box braids.

Bob Haircut with Box Braids

Bob style haircut brings out the best of your box braids. If you already have short hair, you should definitely consider getting your hair woven into box braids. It is the newly emerging technique in African braiding styles which displays how having short hair can also be a good option for different braiding styles. Box braids are traditionally paired with long hair but the braids in a bob haircut break all the fashion rules in the most stylish manner possible. Moreover, this style is perfect for your summer outings!

Box braids with Undercut

Another way to spice up your box braids is by wearing them high and flaunting an undercut! If you get an intricate pattern, pairing them with box braids will be the best idea to finish the look. This hairstyle makes way for a complete makeover and is definitely worth the change. Once you get an undercut, you can tie your braids into gorgeous updos to flaunt your uniquely fresh hairstyle. From a classic ponytail to a ‘top of the head’ bun, there are so many styles to choose from.

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Paint Your Braids

Coloured box braids are a huge shout these days. The braid pattern brings out different designs if you hair is in shades more than one. The colours that are most opted for with box braids are usually neon yellow, blue, deep burgundy etc. you can also go for two-tones or multiple-tones as they define your braids further. You could also experiment with the e-girl colouring pattern by dying the braids that frame your face. There are various options to choose from and the best bit is that you can’t go wrong with any idea if it involves some colours!

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High Bun and other Updos

The best bet to stylise your braids is by making beautiful updos out of it. The styles that go best with box braids are space buns, twisted buns, halo style hair updo or even a simple but classy high bun. If we had to pick one style, we would strongly suggest that you go for the high half-up bun. The middle part of your hair will be tied in a bun at the top of the head while letting other braids loose. It will bring the two most beautiful ways to flaunt the box braids together.

Thick Jumbo Box Braids

By increasing the diameter and volume of your box braids, you can accentuate your hairstyle further. The best shout would be to get hair extensions if you want to try the jumbo box braids. This chunkier version of box braids is inspired by the retro look. Smoothe in appearance, the thicker braids add a neat touch to your look. They also make for a brilliant protective hairstyle. The jumbo box braids appear strong and rustic in their own ways. It can be further styled into buns, ponytails, pigtails and other such updos.

Low french roll

This hairstyle is the epitome of elegance for box braided hair. Low French Roll is an artistically tied bun that sits low while covering the nape of your neck. Given the locks like thickness of box braids, making a French Roll becomes a really easy and quick job. This hairstyle is perfect for formal events, office parties, date nights, weddings or summer outings. The Box Braid French Roll should definitely be your go-to style. It gives your entire look an air of confidence and grace without asking you to put in a lot of effort.

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Curly Box Braids

Another way to make your box braids look special is by curling their ends. Alternatively, you can leave the ends unbraided and curl them to add multiple textures to your hair. Pairing box braids with curly hair is definitely a fresh idea that you must try. Once curled, you can wear your braids down and achieve this hairstyle which is perfect for date night or getting cocktails with friends. By keeping your curls tight, you can achieve the crochet appearance. Either way, you braids will look boho and chic when paired with curls.

Headscarves and Accessories

There are so many options of accessorising your box braids which will add more character to your hair. Covering a high bun of your braids with a headscarf is our forever favourite way to accessorise. You can always get some beads and shiny strings woven into your box braids. Bandanas are another great idea if you are looking to style up your braids. You can also get crystal clear beads for your hair to make the ebay out of braid accessories. Be creative and mix up different accessories!

Box braids is a protective hairstyle that lasts for nearly six long weeks. That is a long time to be wearing just the same old hairstyle. Make the most out of your braids by choosing any of the given hairstyle ideas. There is a wide range of creativity that you can practice with styling your box braids. Follow this look book or make up your own ideas because your box braids will never disappoint!