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18 Beautiful Peek A Boo Hair Color Ideas to Look Unique

We curated a list of cute peek a boo hair color ideas for you to try out! Check it out!

Highlights on your mind? Then take a subtle step with the peek-a-boo hair color that we are going to list down. There are many fantastic hair color trends this year, and these are especially sure to add a crazy look to your appearance.

The purpose of peek-a-boo hair colors is to add some minimal shades of highlights to different parts of your hair depending on your choice of individual preference, and while it does add some brightness and a splash of color. While you can keep the other parts of the hair in their natural or existing color.

Listed below are a bunch of great ideas for you to pick from, including coloring some hair sections or layers a different color from others, or highlighting various parts of the hair in different colors.

Peek A Boo Hair Color Inspirations to Look Extraordinary

Bold, Cute, and fearless highlight inspirations you can easily adapt to in today’s trendy days. What’s the wait for then, let’s go ahead:

Turquoise Blue Highlights

This vibrant-looking hair color is for your fabulous personality. The effect must keep everyone around you spellbound while it is quite captivating, I would definitely like to have a good change in choice.

A deep black or even blonde can be used to preserve the beautiful long length of the hair, while sections in the hair are highlighted in various sections. Occasionally, the highlights remain hidden, but in other locations, they’re quite visible, and the whole effect is aesthetically pleasing. Trying out could make you be a party stunner.

Blue and Purple Highlights in Brown Hair

The secondary hairstyle is a good choice for those with a very desired touch of hair colour for the subtle liking without many areas of hair exposed to the highlight.

There is a wonderful section of rich chocolate brown color in the hair here, which has been kept at shoulder length. It is accomplished in such a way that few layers are kept in one length for the go. Moreover, the ends of your hair are highlighted in various sections of blue and purple, adding a vibrant touch to the look.

Totally Blue Highlights

The lovely shades of blue do not disappoint while they provide the best colour palette to choose from for this look we are going to talk about. Very enriching and cute hair highlights that come out so pretty in both the daylight and stunning at the night light.

The hair could either be braided or just left open or tied into pigtails to show the colour better. The hair below looks awesome with the blend of blue with your original hair and right there could experiment with a neon pink or light purple and it would automatically be a great combo of choices in colour.

Curls with Minimal Highlights

Nowadays, shag hairstyles are the newest hairdo in touch. They are so pretty and completely superb that they will never go out of style. A very long length of hair has been cultivated and it drops in such a way giving us adorable curls.

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Firstly a minimal touch of color highlights is added to the sides in small sections of the hair while the look for shag is achieved in faded hair. It is said that the highlights tend to appear more appealing while it undergoes fading over time. If you were in need of something that enhances your sleek hairdo, this style is not to be missed.

Rainbow Color Highlights

I think that’s a wonderful hair style for all the ladies who are blonde. This hairstyle will really enhance your blonde image, so all you need to do is to give it a try. It can be easily admired with a suitable length of any desire, especially the long one with styling it with curls that appear in the end.

The other half of the hair remains original while the section below is embraced with magical colours of the rainbow. This is the ideal hair colour option no matter what the event may be.

Blue and Green Hair

In this case, if one wants to stand out from the crowd, one could choose braids such as these, particularly because of the gorgeous combination of blue and green highlights as a brilliant hairstyle.

Here styling it could be done on the top of the head, the hair has been braided in loose braids on the center and was kept straight and sleek. Whether you are attending a party or a casual gathering, this stylish ensemble will work in any situation.

Blue and Pink Hair

The perfect look for all the ladies genuinely obsessed with the colour pink and its shades. There are two different hair colors used in this hairstyle which turns out to be excellent.

The highlights of this pretty peek-a-boo hairstyle only appear when you simply slide your hair and the colour appears on the inside, so it looks quite charming. It is an absolute mixture of both fabulous yet adorable at the same time for all those pretty girls.

Silver Waves Highlights

A stunning finish is achieved with the combination of black and silver colors. Make sure your dominant color is black before applying silver highlights. Make sure you form waves in your hair using the points of your hair. Ideally, you’ll want your hair to drop on your right side and left side, and also while at the back of your head.

Colorful Highlights in short hair

Keeping it short and cute is a great look for someone looking for short hairstyles. Featuring a neat bob style with a single length, the hair drops adorably. The area in front of the hair will be just colour lifted with various vibrant shades of colors from all the existing pink to red and blue to green. The short hair makes all the colour appear very gorgeously and enhances the length that most ladies and girls can easily maintain every day.

Straight Layered Hair with Blue Highlights

You will need to agree this is a totally outgoing, simple yet pleasant hairdo for anyone with long, medium or short hair. By subtly cutting the hair in layers, the volume of the hair has been balanced and the structure has been perfectly maintained.

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Below the mid area, a few strokes have been highlighted to bring out the best shade of dark blue. A stunning minimal hairstyle takes on a whole new level with this elegant accent.

Blue and Purple Highlights

Presenting an extremely fabulous hairstyle is achievable when you have strong, black locks of beautiful and dense hair. This look goes really well with those who have hair of thinner texture too. This particular hairstyle makes you look very extraordinary with the styling of straight hair combined with a sleek touch.

A lower back area is used to highlight in a fabulous style invariant colour palette, that produces a great transformation from a delightful purple to one shade lighter of blue then slowly to a slight mixture of ash and blonde as it follows the end.

Green and Purple Highlights

This is a very demanding and vibrant green and a purple combo of eye-pleasing trends that are mostly in all-new hairstyles that demand lightning or colour to the hair. The whole idea of the mixture of these two incredible colours is of utmost beauty.

It can be a choice of making it a peek-a-boo hairstyle or going bold with more area of hair revealed to the colours. The hairstyle could be easily managed in short hair preferably or even medium length based on the personal preferences.

Neon Highlights

Neon hair colors are not commonly used as highlights, but it makes for an eye-catching look because it’s so unusual. The shades can be of various variants like one can go with, so many options to explore in this area of hair highlights. The areas can be coloured with different shades and different neon colors.

The hair is a beautiful shade of golden blonde, and on the backside, the insides of the hair have been painted beautifully in many different neon colors, thus making it quite a fascinating peek-a-boo hairstyle. The hairstyle with the neon colour lights gives you a look that allows you to slay ladies.

Colorful Braided Hairstyle

A definite spontaneous and colourful look that will give a great look. This hairstyle can be easily maintained at shoulder length and of dense quality. The styling of the hair is done in such a way that gives your hair a lot of volumes.

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There is some hair from the center-parted to give a stylish look with braids or just leaving the hair down for a cool appearance. It appears that the colors are like strands of hair with a rainbow view.

Violet Highlights

An extremely lovely hair color idea for ladies with fair complexion and anyone with any hair length could put up to this hair look, adding a little flare to the look appearance and style through adding volume to the hair in free-flowing waves.

Violet hair highlights are in demand and give one a stylish appearance that goes well with any outfit. The hair color can be of your choice from full length or from the mid. Additionally, the violet highlights, which are applied vertically and alternately parallel with each other along different sections of the hair, also add quite a bit to the appearance.

Subtle Blue Highlights

It’s just that this hairstyle here is absolutely amazing, and you won’t be able to ignore it. The artwork looks effortless and perfect, and perhaps that’s what anyone should be looking for their hair.

Besides being long and thick, the hair is also quite volumized for any length of hair that desired this color of highlight for a change. The hair can be managed through wavy or curly hair for enhancing the appearance of the color. Observe that only a few faint highlights have been added to different sections and strands of hair. Honestly, the blue color highlights have always been simply stunning.

Be fearless and try them out today for a new look at college freshmen year or clubbing. You can also try your own rendition of peekaboo hairstyles, whichever style you like. You don’t have to do them in the way described here.