20 Jumbo Braids Hairstyles You’ll Love!

Here are stylish jumbo braids hairstyles to try. Check it out!

Known for their boxy shapes that divide natural hair into boxes, bulldog box braids distinguish themselves from other braiding styles for a number of notable reasons.

All girls dream of having long and thick hair but having it also comes with its fair share of problems. These problems are more prevalent in black women, whose hair is usually long and frizzy, and which is nearly impossible to manage.

Afro-textured hair is typically presented in either curly or blown-out form and is usually made from a type of synthetic hair called Kanekalon. A blow-dryer and a brush usually make Kanekalon hair look kinky after it has been braided.

When making bigger and thicker braids, fewer pieces of new hair are created, therefore they are low maintenance, and they can last for 3 months. The braids pair perfectly with any outfit or hair accessory and are very fashionable. They are simply eye-catching.

If you are suffering from these hair woes, adding jumbo braids to your bun would be a much better solution than deciding to cut off all your hair or spending a fortune on expensive treatments.

Jumbo Braids Hairstyles

Many bright and selective options for you to explore this very famous hairdo ladies:

Cornrow Braids With A High Bun

Jumbo braids combine both cornrow braids and jumbo braids in this beautiful hairstyle. Cornrows in intricate shapes were done on the top and then jumbo braids on the edges of the hair. It enhances the look of a face when chunky braids are wearing. A huge bun has been tied up in all of the hair on the back, adding simply to the style.

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Triangular Shaped Box Braids

In recent months it has also become popular to wear triangle-shaped braids, so let’s try it out for a change.

It would seem that the main factor is that the ways in which hair has been divided into sections have created some unique triangle shapes, which are now adapted by more people in order to find a unique look that also stands out.

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Brown Jumbo Box Braids

To draw attention to your original or basic hair color, any highlights or colors should be blended well in order to blend well with your hair. If you view this hairstyle, you will definitely see the beauty that is evident in the jumbo braids. When the color combination is sorted, worry only about stealing attention.

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Rihanna Style Fulani Braids

The Fulani braid provides a sexy and glamorous look that can be achieved by braiding your hair.

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This hairstyle is one of the most protective hairstyles that also looks stunning thanks to how the cornrows are created. It is one of the hairstyles that you will not want to miss out on if you are a beautiful lady out there. These cornrow braids are all of the medium thickness and have been divided into sections and tied.

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Beaded Short Braids

There are thick, loose braids here, buns that are engulfed in braids that fall over the head. These braids have large wooden beads at the ends and gold bands running along some of them. It’s a very carefree, coastal style.

Beautiful Short Braid Hairstyles
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Twisted Havana Braids

It is also known as the Havana braid hairstyle since there are many different braid styles that you can choose from. You probably are not aware of all the options, but at least most people are curiously aware of this particular hairstyle.

These styles allow you to switch up your everyday look every other day. They can be a little bit different from your normal look and are great for adding some excitement. In other words, this style proves that you don’t have to make a protective hairstyle look extreme.

If you were waiting for fun experimenting, then this is guaranteed to be a perfect match for the spontaneous personality. Just go for it girl!

Jumbo havana braids
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Box Braids With Pearls

Sounds interesting right? I Know, This box braids hairstyle contains interwoven braids, multilayered blonde strands, and board-worthy pearls, or even other cute accessories that can be added to uplight the look or style you are willing to create for that party or gathering.

Jumbo hairstyles for ladies
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Short Bobbed Hair With Braids

Braids hairstyles surely look amazing on long hair but when tried out on shorter hairstyles such as short bob or a medium bob even, they tend to look quite great too.

The beauty of the braids is solely focused upon and so they really stand out even if the hair is quite short. It’s a simple braids hairstyle where the hair has been parted into sections and the braids in each of these sections have been tied up similar to a high ponytail.

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Jumbo Feed In Braids Hairstyle

A feed-in braid is used in this hairstyle, which is thinner in the upper portions and thicker before it reaches the tips. With that being said, it contributes to making it just the right braided hairstyle for beautiful you.

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This braided hairstyle is done in a curvy way that emphasizes the shape of the head and enhances facial features. Subtle highlighting on the hair also adds a shiny appearance to the hairstyle.

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Colorful Braided Ponytail

Whenever braids are lengthy and heavier, tying them up into a ponytail is currently the preferred option. This is exactly what is managed in this fashion. The attention is once again on the braids, which are either colored in numerous bright aqua blue or yellow, and for obvious reasons it is necessary to make for an eye-catching look.

Best Jumbo braid hairstyles
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Jumbo Braids With Ring Shell Clips

Have you tried these yet? No! What are you still wondering about ladies???

Shell clips are the perfect way to add a playful touch to jumbo braids. Be sure to scatter the shells across the braids to frame your face, and you can also attach these to any piece on your head. Various finishes, colors, and sizes of ring shell clips are available so that you can always experiment with how you dress them up.

Jumbo braids with beads
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Asymmetrical Braids

Depending on how braids were styled, braids may have been a symbol of wealth or power and were used to distinguish tribes and regions. Janet Jackson popularized box braids in the 1990s, but they have been around forever. With a touch of fashion, a businesswoman or working lady can look wild and stylish.

Cool Ways to Wear Jumbo Cornrows
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Braided Fascinator

This very fashionable hair look seen on famous Hollywood celebrities is stealing a lot of glam and definitely had to be on this list. Box braids in a crown braid, positioned over the front of the head like a headpiece, are the same everywhere. This precious hairstyle is definitely both a haircut and a piece of jewelry.

Best braids in Jumbo hairlooks
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Braided Into Multiple Buns

Rather than gelling down the baby hairs, these tresses are styled into multiple buns as you like at the base of the neck or top of the head. The braids are quite tight to the scalp, and the bun is pulled tight to the neck or the head. The process is repeated with several other buns made to look so clean and sleek. A clean yet sexy hairstyle for your daily college life.

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Bohemian Box Braids

Excited for weddings and want to look exceptionally outstanding, I would suggest working on these braids. These are termed as Queen box braids are a combination of genuine braids and wavy, curled hair in specific areas that generate a free-spirited mood.

Box braids for all hair types
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Jumbo Updo With Wispies

This jumbo, “wispy” updo is a breathtaking gift for any hair enthusiast. Using two jumbo braids that frame your face, create two short strands that serve as wispies. After braiding the rest of your hair, arrange it into a high ponytail, letting it cascade down your back. To be clear throughout the braid the beauty will be enhancing by adding some gold or silver accents to make the style stand out.

Jumbo hair wiith pearls
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Jumbo Fishtail Braid

Make your daily styling recipe with a jumbo fishtail braid. This style is deeply romantic and whimsical, thanks to the woven technique. You can try this unique hairstyle in various ways like in a high or low ponytail, it’s also a versatile style.

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Jumbo twists and braids offer the advantage of requiring minimal installation and removal time. Unlike micro braids, you can part your hair into larger sections for quicker braiding, and since each individual braid or twist utilizes more hair, each one is more durable.

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Significantly these hairstyles will surely last for many days without losing their charm and shine, so make sure you choose the hairstyle that is right for you instead of simply going with any hairstyle you see.

Not only are all these styles very stunning and sure to attract all eyes and attention for you, but these hairstyles also provide maximum protection for your hair. We are rooting for these fabulous ideas for hairstyles for providing an excellent appearance all the time.