How To Style Curly Hair With Gel

How To Style Curly Hair With Gel

Want to know how to style curly hair with gel? If so, you’ll be glad to know that this article has everything you need to know about styling your hair with gel. Read on for more.

When we think of using a gel on curly hair, it reminds us of hairs that have those crispy curls, where there is no silkiness and are too hard to touch.

This doesn’t necessarily have to be your case though. As you see, we usually use gel in two different stages. Apart from making your curls crispy, there are a lot of different things a gel does to your hair, but that’s not where you stop.

You have to follow a very crucial second step in order to get the flawlessly settled curls that you’ve been looking for.

There are so many different types of gels and ways to apply them to curly hairs. But the best way to go for it is to look for the ones that suit your hair type and texture.

How To Style Curly Hair With Gel

How To Apply Gel On Curly Hair

So how do you actually apply a particular gel to your curly hair? first of all, you will need to clean your hair before applying any gel to your curly hair. After that apply a deep conditioner and let your curls soak in for some time.

And at one time when you have rinsed, it put on some leave-in conditioner to your wet hairs. Then after doing all this you can put on a gel to your curls as the last product. Apply the product with this praying hands technique.

First, put the gel into your clean hands, and then with your hair in between put down your hands together in a praying position. Run your hands from the top to the lower from the root ends you better apply the gel evenly without annoying your curls.

Put in a munificent amount of gel in your hair to originate a gel cast, and compress your hair nicely.

After this, you can just drop your hair or if you have time then you can just let your hair air dry for some time, or if you are in a hurry you can simply blow dry your hair with a diffuser.

Here we have compiled for you the following steps on how to apply the gel to your curly hair:

Your hair should be wet before starting the process

How to style curly hair with gel

If you are applying your gel on your hair while your hair is not soaked enough then just splash some water from your spray bottle on your hair first.

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And if your hair dries swiftly you might want to do this in portions so that when you reach that section it doesn’t start to dry before.

Make sure the leave-in you use is of good quality that suits your hair

Firstly, it is very important to check whether these products we are using will act righteously together or not.

And how can you assure that? Mix some gel with your leave-in conditioner you’ve planned to use in the palm of your hand.

If they combine steadily and constantly then these products you are using play well but if the consistency becomes distinct, chunky or slight white balls have started to form then its time to shift to some different product that might suit your curls more.

Spread it all over the hair evenly

If you don’t want to finish as with the curls that have some crisped or more like lacking the perfect definition and patches of areas with no proper application, make sure to spread the product evenly. No lock or strand should be left behind.

If you have type 4 curl, then we will suggest the praying hand’s method

how to style my curls

For this, you just simply have to laminate your hands with the gel you are using and then depress them all together with your curly hair in the middle of your fingers then just glide your hands downwards the range of your hair properly, keeping your hand in the praying posture. That’s what the method is all about.

If you are a type 3 curl then you should go for the rake and shake method

how to apply curly hair gel

Massage the gel you are using in the middle of your fingers then take three fingers and just comb them throughout your curls from the core to the end of your head.

But put a stop just before now you get to the ends, then roll your fingers backward and forwards, uplift your outspread curls to tangle and structure curls afresh.

If you are type 2 waves then we would suggest scrunching is the best option for you

how to use styling gel on curly hair

Pat a little amount of gel in the middle of your fingers then compress from your lower down the way to your starting core. This will stimulate your curls to help and form.

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Confirm that you do not turn out to be with overmuch gel on your curls, this can matter your frizzle down.

Rumple out the crisis

If you were a little ham-handed with the gel you are using, you might find that you are abandoned with a solid cast when your hair gets dry properly to lessen this.

how to style short curly hair with gel

You can just simply put a little amount of oil. We usually use oil that is not very heavy and doesn’t make your hair locks look very oily and feel very sticky.

Vitamin e oils are the best for this, rub this oil on your fingers and smoothly crumple out the trouble.

How To Style Curly Hair With Gel: FAQ’s

Can we use a hair conditioner as a gel after drying our hair?

There are a lot of people out there who wanted to know if we can use conditioners on dry hair or as a hair gel. Here we are going to clear your doubts related to this.

To give their hair a more shiny look there are so many people who use conditioners as a hair gel on their dry hair but how do we know this is right? A lot of people get confused if the conditioners we use will do their job the way our gel does.

We can use a hair gel to our dry hair to give our hair some added firmness and solidity but your hair can look greasy after drying if you have applied conditioner already.

Since people have different choices and different opinions. You can go for the steps that suit your hair type well.

Do hair gels lead to hair loss?

It depends. Most products like the hair gel also contain chemicals and alcohol that can cause hair breakage, can dry your scalp, and can also lead to hair loss.

In today’s market, almost every product including hair gels contains chemicals and alcohol. This can easily increase the risk of hair damage and dandruff if you use it regularly.

This also increases the risk of balding or hair loss because according to some studies this can lead to diffuse alopecia. This term is generally used to explain overall hair loss. So basically access to the use of any product can cause damage to your hair.

Can we use hair gel every day?

Styling your hair with different hair products like wax and gels is a great way of making sure that your look good all day long but you must use it properly if you don’t want to go through the hair troubles in the future.

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That’s actually too much your hair needs some time to safekeeping the products in your hair. using gel for twenty-four hours straight can cause your hair to be damaged and it’s bad for your hair’s health too your hair needs some time to breathe.

Avoid styling your hair every single day.

Which product is the best alternative for hair gel?

The best alternative to your hair gel can be a hair wax. Hair wax is almost alike in texture and style to the gel but there are some differences compared to the hair gel.

Wax provides afar significant flexibility with hair gels. You can not really redo your hair once it is styled but with hair wax, you can restyle your hair as many times as you like throughout the day.

And you don’t even have to wash your hair every single time to do this.

Can we brush our hair after applying the gel?

Try not to brush or comb your hair just after using a gel immediately. You can use your hands to style your hair. as the experts suggest at our salon you should just let your hair get into the shape first then after you can use a gel to style your hair.


In the end, It all comes down to patience and the right technique, and knowing what is best for your hair. the best techniques are not going to work if you don’t know you’re your type is and what it needs at the moment. Hopefully, this article will give you a better understanding of how to apply the gel to curly hair.