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Here’s How I Reduced My Thinning Hair | Causes And Solutions for Hair Loss

After improving my hair loss, I decided to share how to reduce thinning hair in women. There are some simple lifestyle changes you can make using some hair care products that can help reduce hair thinning and promote hair regrowth. Check it out! 

Among all body-related problems, thinning hair is one that is difficult to discuss with others. Some people may feel that their hair has thinned recently, or they want to improve their thinning hair but do not know how to do so. 

The first thing I did when my hair thinning problem started was to understand why it’s happening. Only once you understand why your hair is thinning, only then will you be able to reduce hair thinning. 

How To Reduce Hair Thinning? 

I realized that hair care products alone are not enough to reduce hair thinning. The first thing I did was improve my lifestyle and diet. Eating foods that promote hair growth, getting enough sleep, exercising and other lifestyle changes are extremely important if you want to tackle hair thinning. 

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Other than this, using the right shampoo and conditioner, scalp massages, hair masks, and other hair growth products can also improve hair thinning. It may also be possible that your hair loss is a symptom of some other health issue, so it’s best to visit a doctor as well. 

I will go in detail about different things you can do to improve hair thinning. But before we get into that it’s very important that I tell you the different causes of hair thinning. So let’s dive in! 

What Are The Causes Of Hair Thinning?

When I started researching hair thinning, the first thing any hair loss expert told me was to figure out the cause behind my thinning hair. 

It’s normal to lose about 50 – 100 strands of hair everyday, according to AAD (American Academy of Dermatology). If you lose more hair than this then it can be considered that you’re shedding more hair than normal and can contribute to the overall hair loss. 

Since thinning hair is something that doesn’t happen overnight but rather happens gradually, you’ll be able to notice it in time, figure out the cause and treat it! 

Here are the main causes of thinning hair: 

  • Aging
  • Unhealthy Lifestyle 
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Stress
  • Bad hair care practices,  excessive shampooing and hairstyling products 

Aging Can Cause Thinning Hair

aging can cause hair loss

The first possible cause of thinning hair is aging. As we age, blood circulation becomes sluggish, and the hair may not receive sufficient nutrients. This disrupts the hair growth cycle, leading to increased hair loss and thinning hair.

Bad Lifestyle Habits May Contribute to Thinning Hair

An unhealthy lifestyle can also cause thinning hair, so be careful if you can think of any. 

bad lifestyle habits can cause thinning hair

Between my work and social lifestyle, I was sleep deprived and my body always felt tired. My sleep-wake cycle was bad as it is and the quality of my sleep was even worse. 

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My dermatologist told me that when we sleep our cells repair and regenerate. Which means that if we don’t get good sleep or don’t get enough sleep then this cell regeneration process is disturbed. And among other problems, sleep deprivation can deteriorate the scalp environment which ultimately will lead to hair loss or thinning hair. 

My dermatologist also stressed on eating habits. In fact, one of the first questions she asked me was about my diet. I never took the time out to cook for myself and skipped my breakfast all the time. And would eat at odd times. And whenever I did it was mostly frozen food, ready to eat meals, or a simple sandwich. I had bad food habits which contributed towards my thinning hair.

Having a balanced diet is extremely important to not only be healthy in general but also have healthy hair. 

If you have an unbalanced diet, such as eating only the same foods on a regular basis or skipping meals because you are on a diet, you may lack the nutrients needed to produce hair, which can lead to thinning of the hair.

If your diet doesn’t have enough folic acid, iron, and other minerals, your hair follicles will not be able to produce hair naturally.

Hair Thinning May Occur Because Of Hormonal Imbalance Or Deficiencies 

Male hormones work in various ways to build a masculine physique, such as developing thicker bones, increasing muscle mass and growing body hair.

However, when hormone balance is disturbed and excessive secretion occurs, the activity of hair matrix cells necessary for hair production is suppressed, resulting in a shorter-than-normal hair growth phase. A shorter hair growth phase can result in insufficient hair growth, leading to hair loss and thinning.

You also may be genetically predisposed to thinning hair. Other than this there are other reasons you might be facing thinning hair. For example, if you recently gave birth or stopped taking birth control pills, or going through hormonal changes. 

Other than this, if you suddenly lost a lot of weight suddenly then it can also cause hair thinning. If you are taking medication for any autoimmune disease or have immune system deficiencies, that can also interfere with the hair growth process and cause thinning hair. 

If you have a skin disorder (infection) or vitamin D deficiency, it can cause hair thinning too.  

Excessive Stress Can Cause Hair Thinning

Stress is a widely known cause of thinning hair. Too much stress can cause the hair papilla, which promotes hair growth, to stop working, which may lead to thinning hair.

Experiencing chronic stress. Stress is related to an uptick in hormones like cortisol. Too many stress hormones may destroy new hairs that are trying to grow.

Hair Thinning Can Be Caused By Bad Hair Care Practices, Excessive Shampooing And Hair Styling Products 

I was using the wrong shampoo and conditioner which worsened my hair thinning. Other than that, I also used a lot of hair styling and heat tools on my hair which was obviously not good for the scalp environment. 

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I also colored my hair a lot which also contributed to hair thinning. And finally, I realized, styling my hair in a tight ponytail and any hairstyle where it tugs on the follicles is extremely bad for your hair follicles.

There are certain diseases that cause thinning hair

A possible cause of thinning hair could be the development of a disease that accompanies thinning hair as a symptom. Here are some of the main diseases associated with thinning hair.

  • AGA (male pattern baldness)

AGA (male pattern baldness) is a hair loss disorder characterized by thinning of hair around the hairline and the crown of the head. It tends to occur more frequently in adult men, and most of the problems associated with thinning hair are said to be caused by AGA.

male pattern baldness

The main cause is said to be a disturbance in the hair cycle caused by male hormones, but heredity and stress are also thought to be possible causes.

  • Diffuse Alopecia

Diffuse alopecia is characterized by the thinning of hair over the entire head, and unlike AGA, it is said to occur relatively more frequently in women.

Aging, stress, and poor diet are thought to be the main causes.

  • Alopecia areata

Alopecia areata is a condition in which a portion of the head loses hair in a circular pattern. The extent of hair loss varies from person to person, and may be as small as a 10-yen coin or spread over the entire head.

Although the specific cause of this disease has not been elucidated, it is generally believed to be caused by an abnormality in the body’s immune system, which damages the hair tissue.

  • Pityriasis Alba

Pityriasis alba is an alopecia that is mainly caused by dandruff on the head. The dandruff that forms blocks the pores of the scalp and causes the scalp environment to deteriorate, leading to thinning of the hair.

It is also characterized by itching on the head as well as thinning hair. If the pores are blocked by dandruff and become inflamed, intense itching and redness may occur.

How To Reduce Hair Thinning?

It is up to you to take action to solve your problems related to thinning hair. Below are some ways to prevent thinning hair.

Make Healthy Lifestyle Changes To Reduce Hair Thinning

I already discussed bad lifestyle choices I used to make that led to thinning hair. By just making healthier choices in life you can improve your thinning hair situation. 

healthy lofestyle

Make sure you eat healthy and well balanced food. Make sure that you include foods that reduce thinning hair. Also make sure that you sleep on time and wake up on time, don’t take too much stress (I mean, problems will come and go, right?) 

Bad lifestyle habits can be easily improved by being aware of the following five points: 

  • Eat a well-balanced diet
  • Ensure adequate sleep
  • Avoid drinking and smoking as much as possible
  • Get up and go to bed at the same time every day
  • Exercise frequently
  • Avoid stress

Stress is a cause of thinning hair, so it is important to avoid stress on a regular basis if you want to improve your hair. Try to relieve stress in a way that suits you, for example, by making more time for yourself or going on a trip to relieve stress.

Practice Good Hair Care To Reduce Thinning Hair

Continuing to take care of your hair incorrectly can cause  hair loss. To maintain a better scalp environment and reduce thinning hair, take care of your hair in the right way.

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There are various methods of hair car but here are some basic hair care tips I followed:

  • Use appropriate amounts of shampoo and conditioner
  • Use shampoo and conditioner 
  • Remove shampoo and conditioner properly when bathing
  • Avoid excessive use of the hair dryer
  • Perform scalp massage

Did you know? 

Poor blood circulation can cause thinning of the hair because it does not receive the nutrients necessary for hair growth. To prevent poor circulation, perform regular scalp massages to stimulate blood circulation.

If Your Hair Thinning Is Caused By Any Disease, Visit A Doctor 

If the cause of thinning hair is due to a disease such as AGA or alopecia areata, consult a medical institution. By receiving appropriate treatment, you may be able to improve your symptoms and resolve your thinning hair problem.

There are many types of medical institutions, some of which specialize in thinning hair and alopecia. If you are not sure where to consult, it is a good idea to visit a specialized medical institution.

Using Hair Growth Products To Take Care Of Your Hair

Check out the reviews of hair growth products to reduce thinning hair. Here are some products that help prevent hair loss


If you want to improve thinning hair, try to take early measures.

Even a slight thinning of hair can become noticeable as it progresses and lead to mental stress and loss of self-confidence. Therefore, if you are concerned about thinning hair, it is a good idea to take action as soon as possible.

Daily efforts to prevent thinning hair, such as “reviewing lifestyle habits” and “keeping proper hair care in mind,” are important.

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