How to curl your hair with curling wand

How To Curl Your Hair With Curling Wand?

Want to learn how to curl your hair with curling wand? Here’s a step by step guide on how to use a curling wand to curl your hair. Check it out!

Times are no more where girls don’t embrace their long beautiful or short cute curls around. Times are gone to straight the curls whereas the straights now try getting curls. One would do anything to get the variations of these curls. There are so many curls that give us the power to look anything we want be it pretty, bold, fashionable, curls are all in girls!

One could do so many styles with the curls. There is nothing that looks ugly in those curls whether it is the braids that attract you or the high ponytails. All goes well with them. They are all-season friendly be it your best friend’s wedding or your mother’s launch party, curls never will be out of style. Even if it is a busy morning, CURLS will make those rushed morning styles look great.

Dense, glowing curls look beautiful on any hair length, highlight, and combination. If you have not had them since birth, what is the matter of being sad? We are just getting started on how simply you can live in curls. Getting those waves can be quite simple.

how to curl your hair with a curling iron for beginners
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How To Curl Your Hair With Curling Wand?

With the following easy to go methods one can simply get bang on results of curling their hair with a curling wand:

To begin with, we are going to give you an instruction manual on how to curl your hair with a curling wand.

You begin with brushing the hair and always apply heat protectant beforehand like suggested above. Now you need to section the hair utilizing barrettes, pins or scrunchies for managing the curling process.

Pick 1 inch part of your hair. Take the barrel of any curling wand so it tips downwards, for example, so it is corresponding to your head and your hand is over your head. Fold the hair over the barrel slowly. Hold the hair for 3 to 4 seconds prior to setting the hair free from the barrel. Depends on the types of curls you desire.

For tight twists, let the curler cool down in the center of your hand prior to allowing it to drop. If you are looking for looser curls, let the curls drop straight away.

You set to do it with the rest for each part and substitute your curls. Ensure the segments of your hair encompassing your face twist outwards. Set your hair with hairspray and permit your hair to cool. Also better effect you could brush out the twists with a wide-toothed hair brush or comb.


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Flat irons and curling always make noise in the curling department. Take full note of the appliances you use, we provide articles that link to various reviews on hair appliances. Use the best of the best for your hair. Do not make compromises with hat ladies.

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In just a few steps you can just easily get done with doing beautiful curls for any day at any time. Curls are part of the growing generations, times are no longer limited to straight hair. Give yourself and your styling a chance with curlS. I am sure you will fall in love with the CURLS!

What to know before using a curling wand to curl your hair

Here are a few style tips that are relevant regardless of the tool you use:

Any curling wand does not have a clamp-like those curling irons, so hair is rather physically wrapped and curved around the hot barrel. They need to be placed or held to set up with fingers. These wands are made to typically give away beachy waves, loose curls, and do not hold too tight curls. Using a curling iron with less tension than a traditional iron will result in less damage to the hair.

Necessary to Prep your hair

This progression is important to safeguard your hair from the harm and heat that will be received by the wand. This is the kind of thing that we continue forever about in light of the fact that it’s so darn significant. This is the major important thing to do before using any hairstyle tool and anyone who cares for your hair will keep reminding you how important it is to use a heat protectant.

Whether it be curling, straightening, or blow-drying the hair without a heat protectant is a major “in capital letters” no. In any case, assuming that you have totally routined your hair utilizing hot appliances, it merits putting resources into hydrating hair masks or gels to recapture the lost moisture or shine of your hair. Continuously prep and safeguard your hair. Prior to curling the hair with a procedure including hot appliances, apply a heat protectant item, dry the hair completely, and brush through it to detangle and adjust strands to reduce the hair fall.

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Need for volume

Applying the mousse or hair sprays to increase the volume of the hair. In terms of making or creating curls, it needs a little volume. Plain hair usually is unable to achieve that. In the process of getting those curls making them last for longer won’t be an easy task. Using these products will help you keep the curls in place for a longer duration of time in the day.

Curling wands work best with styling products, so in order to get good curls, you’ll need some style products.

Go for different barrels for variant curls

While you’re figuring out how to twist your hair with a curling wand, you want to comprehend that each barrel size approaches an alternate estimated twist. Yes, right there are different barrels that will give you the suitable curls you need!

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Huge, free twists: decide on a 32mm or 25mm barrel, Curls that aren’t excessively enormous or little: attempt a 19mm barrel, Tight twists or curls: go for a 9-18mm barrel, Curls that are tight up the top and free down the base: attempt a converse funnel-shaped barrel.

Pick the right appliances for getting appropriate curls of your desire. Bigger barrels structure looser twists, while more modest ones make them tighter. For curls (or difficult to-twist hair), pick 1-inch barrels and be more modest. When you want looser twists and waves, settle on 1.5-2-inch barrels.

Brushing out your curls isn’t a bad thing

Little turning approach right? Why would you brush the curls you just did with so much patience? Trust me it isn’t that bad at all. When the curls are slightly brushed and not harshly they give a very unique-looking wave that will definitely suit you. It has a touch of Hollywood stardom or beachy look. It is an easy cut to get a variant to look to the usual curling look.

Remember it positively not to brush the hair, right after you curl them straight. Must need to wait for a while. Give the curls a chance to chill off before you brush them. Then, at that point, go in with a wide-toothed hair brush or comb.

Fix it with hairspray

While hairspray may not be beneficial to the hair, the beauty industry has enjoyed them as saviors for thousands of years. Any and I mean any kind of hairstyle and just let the hairspray do its magic to keep it intact.

Hairspray can in some cases get somewhat of unfavorable criticism. While hairspray could help you to remember 80’s haircuts, it’s really made some amazing progress from that point forward.

In the wake of curling your hair and trying to brush it out, spritz a touch of hairspray over your hair to secure everything. The result will be a delicate, easy-going and long-lasting effect.

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Choose the correct temperature range that suits your hair type:

Temperature is the most crucial and kind of specific thing to keep in mind for getting curls. It can casually make or break the hair curls. Different hair type has a certain level to be maintained in terms of temperature.

When someone has fine or damaged hair they must use around 180°F to 370°F. The ones who are having a normal thickness, healthy hair must go from 375°F to 395°. And for thick hair, one 400°F to 420°F should do fine to make the curls form easily.

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Trust that hair will cool prior to contacting it to try not to disturb the style. At the point when you’re done styling, fog hair with hairspray, and just once hair is cool, rake through twists with your fingers to isolate.

For control and definition, go for a hair curler with a clasp. A couple of fast advances will ensure shapely, enduring twistings. Create the twists. Close to the roots of the hair of a 1-inch part, clip the hair curling accessory down, then, at that point, fold strands over the barrel away from your face. Hold for 10 seconds, release and let curls cool to set, then, at that point, keep doing on the other areas.

Use a flat iron for beachy waves

Begin at your top end. Take a 1-inch-wide segment of hair and cinch your level iron at eyebrow level. Try S-shapes through the hair. Over and again clip and deliver down the segment, while holding the closures of hair, moving from one side to another in an “S” shape. Leave out the finishes. Quit styling not long before you arrive at the tips of your hair. Then do it all over in the hair sections.

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Now let’s get down to the process:

Requirement of perfect curling wand

The curling wand is best for individuals who need more opportunities in styling their hair. It is so true that a hair curler is incredible for all the more an exemplary set and longer-enduring twists due to the more uniform openness to warm with the twisting wand.

With an innovative curling wand, you can achieve beach waves as well as retro curls, holding the curls tighter will be easier.

A ton of wands in the market incorporate microporous and ion field technology, they totally seal in your normal oils and lock in shine and moisture. This implies that when you utilize this curling wand, you’re getting very smooth, reflexive twists that last day in and day out.

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