20 Cute And Easy Girls Hairstyle For Back To School

School might be a drag but your hairstyles don’t have to be. Check out these fun hairstyle for back to school time to look your very best on the first day.

You certainly don’t have to wake up any earlier to get these lovely hairstyles done in the morning. Go through our article below for some of the easiest and quickest, and of course, cutest hairstyles for back to school. 

With your perfect back to school outfit ready and these amazing hairstyle ideas, you can look like a million bucks on your first day of school.

Easy Hairstyle for Back to School 2021

Top Girl’s Hairstyle For Back To School
Slick Back High Ponytail
Glittery Clips
Barrette Pinned Side Parting hairstyle
Side Part Loose Waves
Knot Bun (Wispy, Tousled Or Side)
Braided Buns hairstyle for back to school
Messy bun
Twisted bun hairstyle
Scrunchie back to school hairstyles easy
French braids
Low braids
Multiple braids
Curly, easy hairstyles for school for short hair
Half Up Half Down Bun
Beach waves hairstyle 
Wispy bun hairstyles 
Retro waves hairstyles
Two braid sleek pony hairstyles for black girl
Milkmaid braid 

#1 – Slick Back High ponytail hairstyle for back to school 

A slicked back, super high ponytail can give you the glamorous look of a celebrity that no other style can. And this is so easy to do.

Just make sure your hair is smoothened out and there is absolutely no frizz that will ruin the look.

Detangle your hair of all knots and comb it high up. Secure with some elastic bands that will hold this look in place. Spray on some hairspray if you like. 

#2 – Glittery clips hairstyle for back to school

Whatever the color of your hair, gold always adds a dash of pizzazz to it. Get yourself some hair clips and pins in bright gold to fix your hair quickly on those rushed mornings.

Whether you have short hair or medium length, all you need is a few gold hair clips to hold your hair in place, to make you look like a goddess. You can even choose a gold headband for some variety.

#3 – Barrette Pinned Side Parting hairstyle for back to school 

While gold works well, so do sparkly hair clips. Take a side parting and hold the larger side in place with some glittery hair clips.

Use plenty of hair clips as the focus here is the sparkle. If you aren’t a fan of glitter, go for pearl options in clips. Leave the other side loose to frame your face. 

Check out these amazing barrettes on Amazon today!

This 20-piece barrette combo is just the thing to buy before starting school. It helps you create all styles of hairstyles. And there are several designs to match your outfits. These kid-friendly hair accessories are gentle on your kids tresses too,

#4 –  Headbands back to school hairstyles

These are so great for a quick updo. No matter what length of hair you have or what type of hair you carry, curly, wavy or straight, headbands always make you look good.

You can even make your own funky headband out of scarves of any fabric or cut up some of your old tops and use the strip for a unique headband. 

Take a look at these awesome headbands to wear to the first day of school!

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#5 – Side Part Loose Waves simple hairstyle for school girl

This is a hairstyle which will take a little more than 5 mins to put together. Even though it looks simple, if you don’t have naturally frizz-free hair, you will need to crunch it up and use a bit of heat in the form of a curling iron to wave up your hair.

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Nevertheless, it is quite a glam look, so we say it’s worth the ten minutes. Sweep your hair to the side and spray on some hairspray to hold the loose waves in place. 

#6 – Knot Bun (Wispy, Tousled Or Side)

A neater version of the messy bun, wear this for that nerdy, yet cool look. A page taken out of the teacher’s stylebook, we love this for those of you who have long and thick hair. Slick back your hair and keep it smooth without any tangles or knots.

Make a high ponytail and secure with an elastic band. Twist it around into a bun or knot and secure it with pins. You don’t need any hair clips or bands to glam this up any further. 

#7 – Braided Buns hairstyle for back to school

This tried and tested style gives you a cool farmgirl look. Wear two braided buns instead of the modern one bun and go back a few decades. Part your hair in the middle. Sweep up the hair on one side and braid it. Secure with an elastic band.

Twist this up into a bun and pin it down with some bobbies. Repeat on the other side. You need no other accessories for this look. 

#8 – Messy bun back to school hairstyle 

In fact, it’s trendy to be messy. Messy buns have been a rage for quite some time now with college seniors but why not bring it down to high school? This is quick, easy, and gives you this “I’m busy to be spending too much time on my hair but I manage to look so stunning” look. And you know what the best thing about this hairstyle is?

You can have the most knots in your hair, you don’t have to spend ages untangling your hair or smoothing out the frizz! Sweep up your hair with your fingers into a high bun and secure it with some pins. You’re good to go. 

#9 – Twisted bun hairstyle for back to school

This is another easy, classic style that is overlooked by so many young girls. This works best when your hair is smooth and free of frizz. Take a small section of your hair on one side, twist it and pin it with a couple of bobby pins. Leave the other side loose to let the pieces of hair gently fall over your face.

Use pins that are in a colour that is contrasting to the shade of your hair to highlight it. This hairstyle gives you a feminine look while also keeping your hair away from your face as you bend down to write down those notes. 

#10 – Scrunchie back to school hairstyles easy

What was considered boring and plain back then is now back with a bang. Scrunchie it up with some colourful ones for a super simple morning do. However, scrunchies for long ponytails are still considered a big No, so try one of the multiple hairstyles suggested for you.

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But if you have short hair, make a low pony and tie it up with a scrunchie. This is perfect for the hot summers, keeping your neck cool. Having bangs with the headband is a great combo.

Keep your back to school hairstyles in place with these stylish scrunchies

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#11 – French braids hairstyle for back to school 

This is a classic style that never goes out of fashion. In fact, this is so good that you might feel like your out on vacation instead of it being a school day. This is a style that will take you a little more than 10 mins to put up but hey, you’re gonna turn up looking so fancy that it doesn’t matter. Part your hair down the middle.

Braid each side into a french braid and secure with simple elastic bands. Wear the braids down your front to show them off. You don’t need any more accessories for these. 

#12 – Low braids hairstyle for back to school 

This is quicker than the double french braid as all you need is one simple low braid. This works best for medium and long length hair, especially if your hair is wavy and not too straight or smooth.

You’re still going to be french braiding here but for a shorter sections of hair, only till the nape of your neck. You can choose to do two or more braids, securing each one with a mini elastic band.

Finally, gather up all the braids and sweep them into a low ponytail, securing it with a normal elastic band. This is a good hairstyle for kids as well.

#13 – Multiple braids hairstyles for back to school 

This is a version of the double braided buns from style #7. Part your hair down the middle. On each section, sweep all your hair and make a simple braid. If you have enough time, you could also go for a french braid. Secure each braid with a simple elastic band to hold it in place.

Be careful to braid it till the very end, leaving as little hair out as possible. Gather up your two braids at the nape of your neck and twist them together to form a bun. Secure this in place with a few bobby pins. You could stick some fancy pins in the side braids to add some sparkle if you like. 

#14 – Curly, easy hairstyles for school for short hair

While you find many style ideas out there for long and medium length hair, the ones with short hair always run out of fancy options. This one is a good idea to style up your short hair in the morning.

If you have wavy or smooth hair, use a hot curling iron to scrunch up and curl up just the ends and the bits that frame your face. You save time by not having to curl up the layers inside. Use a hairspray to hold your loose curls in place for the rest of the day. 

#15 – Half Up Half Down Bun

This is a popular hairdo and we’ll tell you why. It looks elaborate but in reality, it only takes a few quick minutes to get done.

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Take a few sections of hair from each side and braid them individually, securing each with small elastic bands. Gather each braid at the centre of the back of your head and tie them together. Roll this into a bun and hold it in place with a few pins. Leave the rest of your hair flowing wavily down the nape of your neck. 

#16 – Beach waves hairstyle 

Stylish, feminine and easy to do, these beachy waves are the perfect hairstyle for the girl next door. All you need is a good hair spray or gel to keep the definition of the curls last longer.

#17 – Wispy bun hairstyles 

Bun. But make it dramatic. This hairstyle is perfect for the classy girls and the couldn’t care less girls alike. We love it!

#18 – Retro waves hairstyles

Rock that 60s look with these retro curls on the first day of school. Classy and sophisticated, it’s the perfect hair do to run for class president.

#19 – Two braid sleek pony hairstyles for back to school black girl

These braids are the perfect back to school hairstyles for black girls. Try keeping the ends of the hair smooth and straight with the help of a hair straightener for extra affect. Braids, twists, and rope hairstyles are just the thing for ethnic hair textures.

#20 –  Milkmaid Braid or Dutch Braids children’s hairstyles for school

Gorgeous and feminine, these milkmaid-style braids go well with jeans and skirts alike. We suggest leaving a few strands on your face to help frame it. This adds a beautiful romantic effect.

Vacation is over and it’s time to head back to school. The new school year brings with it the hope of a fresh, new start. With girls getting ready with the new year’s books, brand new stationery, some cool new outfits, you also need some trendy hairstyles to give yourself a cool new look. It doesn’t have to be complicated as we know it gets quite stressful waking up in the morning and rushing. So pin our article and check back in every time you want a bunch of easy to create hairstyles for back to school.