Capillus Laser Cap Review

Capillus Laser Cap Review

Have you noticed your hair thinning down due to hair fall? Here we have curated a list of the best Capillus Laser Cap to help you out!

Knowing that hair fall is a normal and natural process that occurs in everyone, but there are certain people who experience excessive and unusual hair loss and hair thinning which could be due to multiple reasons like genetics, androgenetic alopecia, stress, hormonal changes, lifestyle and dietary changes, environmental conditions, pregnancy and childbirth, medical conditions, types of medications they intake, aging and many more such factors.

I’m sure most people with hair loss resort to various methods to prevent and reduce their hair loss, like using hair care products and hair oils.

Very often, these methods and trials go down in vain and can be quite a disappointment when you do not see them working on you. But that is not a thing with these Capillus Laser Cap.

Well, what if I told you that there is the perfect solution? Does this intrigue you? Do I have your attention?

I’m pretty sure I do, because if you are one of those people who have clicked on this article, I’m sure you either suffer from hair loss or maybe you are just too curious to know more about what this article is all about!

So let me just cut to the chase and tell you all about the Capillus Laser Cap that can help grow your hair back!

Capillus Laser Cap Review

What is the Capillus Laser Cap?

The Capillus laser cap is a clinically proven and portable product that helps regrow hair by using laser technology.

Capillus Laser Cap Review

These caps are suitable for both men and women with hair thinning and hair loss issues and need to be worn only for 6 minutes on a daily basis to show the best and effective results.

What Should You Know About Capillus Laser Cap?

laser cap for hair growth reviews
  • The Capillus laser cap comes in 3 types with differences in the number of laser diodes ranging from 82 to 272 laser diodes in each type of cap (you can read more about this in the later part of the article).
  • The cap can be worn on the go, but it works on a lithium-ion battery (that comes with the product), which needs to accompany the cap whenever it is in use.
  • These caps are manufactured in the United States of America and are FDA cleared.
  • These caps only use laser technology and doesn’t have any LED lights.
  • The cap is easy to use and has not shown to have any side effects.
  • Using this cap can be beneficial to people suffering from androgenetic alopecia.

How does the Capillus Laser Cap work?

The Capillus laser cap works through a treatment called photobiomodulation. Photobiomodulation or low-level laser therapy is the basis of how this laser cap works.

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It aims at reducing hair loss and promoting hair growth through the use of laser diodes to stimulate hair growth.

This laser therapy works on the scalp when worn on the head and helps to stimulate and rejuvenate the hair follicles pushing it into the hair growth phase, also known as the anagen phase.

It is essential to know that there are 4 stages in the hair growth cycle, which is a natural process. Every hair strand goes through these 4 phases i.e. the anagen phase (the hair growth stage), the catagen phase (the transition stage), the telogen phase (the resting stage) and the exogen phase (the hair shedding stage).

Uses of laser cap

So, this Capillus laser cap works by stimulating the hair follicles through the use of lasers and pushes them prematurely into the anagen phase.

For those people suffering with androgenetic alopecia, every hair follicle will eventually go through a process called miniaturization (also known as hair loss, hair thinning or balding).

This miniaturization is a process where the hair follicle that once produced healthy and strong strands of hair begins to produce thinner hair strands that are weak and will eventually die out, causing the hair to fall and be unable to grow back again from that hair follicle.

The Capillus laser cap helps to reverse this natural process of miniaturization and helps in the regrowth of hair by stimulating the hair cells.

What To Expect When Using Capillus Laser Cap?

Please Note: The Capillus hair growth cap works differently from person to person and therefore the individual results too will vary.

It is also important that this cap will have to be worn on a daily basis for 6 minutes as recommended and the usage has to be regular and consistent.

But here’s what you can expect, as per how this cap generally works –

Up to 3 months of usage:

There may be reviewers who claim that they have experienced an increased level of hair loss during this stage.

Well, the reason behind this increased hair shedding is because the laser treatment of the Capillus laser cap is taking action on the hair follicles in the scalp.

This means that the stimulated hair follicles are getting rejuvenated and are being pushed prematurely into the anagen phase of hair growth.

Using laser cap

When the natural hair growth cycle takes place, the stages of hair growth and hair shedding occur over a period of time.

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But when the anagen phase is activated, the hair growth period increases while the telogen phase gets shortened.

Therefore, in order to make way for the newly emerging hair strands, the older hair strands begin to fall off prematurely.

It is essential to note that this stage is part of the Capillus laser treatment process and a slight increase in hair fall (as compared to the individual’s regular hair fall before the treatment started) can be expected.

Between 3 to 6 months of usage:

After most of the older hair strands have fallen out and the anagen phase has been prolonged, the new hair will begin to grow out of the hair follicles.

During the 3rd to the 6th month of usage of the Capillus laser cap, there will be a visible reduction in the number of hair strands that are falling out.

Treatment laser

At this stage, it is essential to note that even though there will be visible reduction in hair fall, there will not be very visible or significant results, but you can expect to see a few new strands of hair emerging from your hair follicles, at least in a few areas which had no hair growth previous to beginning the treatment.

After 6 months of usage:

After using the Capillus laser cap for over 6 months with regular and consistent 6 minutes of daily use, you will begin to have much lesser hair fall and your head will now look fuller with all the newly grown hair.

Between 6 to 12 months you will begin to notice hair growth and significant changes in your hair.

It is essential to note that to maintain this good hair growth, continuity is the key. Therefore even after 12 months, continuing to wear this cap is advisable, to experience continued hair growth.

How safe is the Capillus Laser Cap?

Well, I’m sure this question may come up in the minds of most people who wish to try out this product. So here you have it – the Capillus Laser Cap is safe to use on a daily basis.

Also, this cap uses low levels of laser technology and will not cause any sort of damage to the skin cells.

The light emitted by the laser diodes, passes through the hair strands and is then simply absorbed by the skin in order to stimulate the hair follicles and rejuvenate them and thus makes the user experience very comfortable.

Where to buy Capillus Laser Cap and how much does it cost?

The Capillus laser caps come in 3 types which are similar in its features and functions, but only have a difference in the number of laser diodes. The more number of laser diodes will help provide the user with better coverage.

3 Types of Capillus Laser Caps

1. Capillus Ultra Mobile Laser Therapy Cap

The Capillus Ultra Laser Cap, also known as Capillus82, is the best rated among the 3 caps on Amazon. It weighs 4.99 pounds and has 82 laser diodes. This capillus laser cap cost $749.19 on Amazon.

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>> View this product on Amazon

2. Capillus Plus Mobile Laser Therapy Cap

The Capillus Plus Laser Cap also known as Capillus202 weighs 4.85 pounds and has 202 laser diodes. This capillus laser cap cost $1, 498.88 on Amazon.

>> View this product on Amazon

3. Capillus Pro Mobile Laser Therapy Cap

The Capillus Pro Laser Cap weighs 4.95 pounds and has 272 laser diodes. This capillus laser cap cost Â $2,192.15 on Amazon.

>> View this product on Amazon

Please Note: The prices mentioned may vary over time.

Getting the best Capillus Laser Cap

For those experiencing hair thinning or balding, nipping it in the bud at its early stages will help you see quicker results, than people who have more advanced levels of hair loss. Therefore, using this cap at the early stages of hair loss or hair thinning is recommended, in order to see the best results.

It is essential to remember that every hair growth product takes time to work and show results and therefore, patience is the key even when using the Capillus laser cap.

To keep yourself motivated and monitor your results at each stage, taking pictures at every stage will help you get the best idea of how effective the product is and how much of an effect it has had on you personally.