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20 Beautiful Butterfly Braids That Will Make You Look Amazing

Here are butterfly braids for you to try. Check it out!

It’s all about capturing the essence of creativity, a bold look, and some creative hair accessories to create a totally stunning look. Braids are the perfect way to accomplish an appealing and charming look.

This is a charming and lovely hairstyle that you can achieve by making two braids on each side of your head with a parting in between. In butterfly braids, there are some feed-in braids that will make your braid full and thick; usually, the braiding continues toward one side.

Using the butterfly braid technique can be a simple way to achieve the adorable and glorious appeal you desire and provides a lot of variations to a simple hairstyle.

They offer a protective hairstyle that requires little maintenance since butterfly braids have feed-in braids. As described above, it is a versatile hairstyle that can be combined with other styles such as a ponytail, updo, bun, or made long, curly, or messy.

To make your butterfly braid impressive and beautiful, you can incorporate a variety of hair accessories such as colorful beads, strings, coils, etc. 

20 Butterfly Braids To Make Your Look Alluring

We have lots of awesome and awesome butterfly braids for you if you are interested in some high-chic and beautiful styles.

Uneven Butterfly with Cuffs

Making your butterfly always even and basic is not the only style that you can try with your butterfly braids. Getting full of messy hair here and there can likewise give a wonderful and beautiful look to your hairdo. 

A comparable case is with a lopsided butterfly twist haircut in which the braiding style is as old as would be expected butterfly plait, however, the areas taken for the braid are not even. 

While separating your hair into three strands for the braid, take the center area more modest than the other and make the twists as it would give an uneven look to your twists, making it extremely magnificent, and add a few cuffs to build the magnificence. 

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All Over Braids

This butterfly plaits haircut goes all around the head and the hair is colored a wonderful mustard yellow shading that stands apart a ton in a group. The braids are thick and various, and there are some more modest twists under the huge ones. It’s actually exceptional. 

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Sleek Butterfly

Creating an extremely smooth and stunning hairstyle can be accomplished with the delayed butterfly plait as the very long braids are very attractive and ideal for proms or exceptional occasions like graduations or proms. 

To get a drawn-out smooth butterfly haircut, utilize regular hair augmentation to get a characteristic look as the manufactured hair would decrease the magnificence of the perfect hairdo.  Also, you can utilize two sets of regular hair extensions and make the butterfly twist at the edge of the hairline to add a lovely appeal to the haircut. 

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Hidden Butterfly

The butterfly braids in this haircut are extremely subtle as they are blended in with heaps of thick and curly hair. They stretch out from where the hair is separated and are a great supplement to the general surface of the hair. 

Symmetrical Butterfly

Having your braids styled in symmetry gives your look a very elegant and beautiful appearance. This symmetrical butterfly braid hairstyle is very low maintenance and easy to style. Make a small section of hair on the left side of the head and part it on the left.

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Starting near the hairline, braid the right side gradually going backward. This method means that the combined braiding hair will be of nearly the same length as the right braid, and the whole butterfly braid looks very attractive and charming because of its asymmetrical length.

Enormous Butterfly Braid

At first glance, this butterfly braid is so thick and big that it immediately catches your eye. A giant butterfly braid looks great with natural afro hair and a strand of long braid on the feed-in side. It is even possible to style an enormous butterfly braid with a 24-inch hair length.

This hairstyle consists of doing a side part, creating braids on each side until you reach the nape of the neck, and then combining the hair to make one thick braid and extending the braid until the length of the extension hair. The immense butterfly braid looks awesome when styled with some golden cuffs.

Coloured Butterfly Braids

It’s impossible to find braids like these anywhere else. There are many braids because they’re small, and there are so many that they seem to be different from each other. Some are bundled with pink or white hair and some are woven with green ribbons, while some aren’t fully braided to the end, so curly pieces remain.

Dual-tone Cornrow

The trendiest shades work perfectly to achieve the modish hairstyle for girls that are always aiming to achieve a bold and stylish look. The design becomes super cool and pretty with two-tone feed-in braids combined with the butterfly braid, and it will be an unusual hairstyle.

The decent yet stylish appeal of the butterfly braids is achieved if you combine two different shades of feed-in extensions such as brown and red and braid them together with the help of cornrow hairstyles.

Middle Parted Braided Look

In this style, the hair is separated in the center and the butterfly twists have their own little segments on each side of the head. They tumble down long across the body and the finishes are turned into decent braids that look brilliant. 

Flowery Butterfly Braid

Adding some fresh flowers and colorful hair accessories to your braids makes them look fresh and airy. Butterfly braids featuring some flowers and ring accessories is a cool and stylish hairstyle that looks adorable, cute, and lovely.

Then, using a high length extension and a rubber band, create a long butterfly braid. Place some violet small flowers randomly between the strands of your butterfly braid and additionally add some stylish rings for an extraordinary look.

Fishtail Butterfly

There are so many ways to style butterfly braids that you can make them look as artistic as you want, and they are versatile that you can use any braiding technique to make them look impressive and elegant.A fishtail braid and butterfly braid can be combined easily to create a very feminine and adorable hairstyle.

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If you are having trouble achieving this look, create an off-center parting and create a thick fishtail braid on each side, using extension hair. Combine both braids together and create a fishtail braid down the middle. Adding a few white pearl beads to the fishtail butterfly braid makes it even more adorable.

Criss Cross Butterfly Look

This is a very unique butterfly braids hairstyle that you should consider if you want a style that’s very original on top. There are criss-cross patterns in the braids on the scalp, and all the braids hang long and heavy from the head and are a light reddish-brown color. The hair also looks perfect and there are a lot of them.

Side Hairline Butterfly look

Butterfly braids on side hairlines with jet black hair are a popular and fashionable African American hairstyle. Butterfly braids on the hairline offer great hair protection when installed after installing a lace wig since both sides are braided. When done with the sew-in technique, the braided hair is added to both sides

Side hairline braid is a great hairstyle for girls with long faces. Place your butterfly braid very close to the hairline, and go down gradually, then weave in the other side braid into it for a complete butterfly braid look.

Thick Black and Gold

There is something stunning about these thick gold and black butterfly braids. Due to the difference in colors, and the fact that the braids are large, this style is easier to maintain than one with lots of small braids.

Anterior Butterfly Braid

Definitely a beautiful hairstyle for girls who have an oval shape or long face type. Anterior butterfly braid is created by making a right braid just near the hairline covering the ear and braiding gradually towards the front of the head.

A single thick braid is also added from the nape of the neck down to the hairline to continue the single braid. This braid looks amazing and charming with its golden rings on each strand that are placed towards the hairline. You can style the hairdo so that this can be worn for wedding ceremonies and parties.

High Ponytail Butterfly Braid

This style sees the hair pulled up into a high ponytail with a few braids loosely hanging down the face. This style features really long hair that flows down the back. This is an extremely glamorous look that many people prefer.

Chocolaty Crown Butterfly

Getting some chocolate-colored feed-in braids for your stylish butterfly braid hairstyle will complete your delicious-looking butterfly braid if you decide to use a chocolate brown shade as a highlight in your hair.

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A chocolatey brown butterfly can also be created by making a side part closest to the left side and continuing the basic butterfly to the right side. To accomplish this look, make the side part closest to the right side and make a braid on the other side.

Rusty Brown Butterfly Look

Presented here we see a braid with a rusty brown color and a thick cross-braid that is mixed in with some black hair. It thins out towards the end as it cascades down the back. The style has a very clearly defined middle part.

Decorative Brown Braid

Butterfly braids are embellished with elaborate details to make them pretty, lovely, charming, and to add a ravishing flair. Brown extensions can be used as a base for the choice of decoration for your butterfly hairstyle.

Depending on the look you would like, pull out the strands of the side braid that will make the braid thick and full. 

Create a side braid by styling gold rings and cuffs around the butterfly hairstyle, and construct the combined ponytail braid by wrapping a golden coil around the butterfly braid to give it a natural messy appearance.

Jumbo Sideline Braid

Jumbo sideline braids the thick sideline braids really stand out due to their thickness, which gives your overall appearance a confident and bold look. For one side braid, you can braid two more sets of hair at the same time to make it thicker and fuller.

Finish the look by putting a jumbo ponytail towards the right side once the braids are combined from both sides. The Jumbo Sideline braid hairstyle is suitable for African American girls with oval or round faces. 

African-American girls are most likely to wear butterfly braids because they are hot and trendy. Butterfly braids are easy to create and will stay intact for a long time. They don’t require much maintenance and act as a protective style for your afro hair.

In order to achieve a funky and lovely look, you can use braiding hair or colored braiding hair extensions. There are many occasions where you can wear a butterfly braid hairstyle, such as a party, event, or wedding.

This perfect hairstyle gives you a dazzling, enchanting look by wrapping your hair into a thick and chunky braid. Butterfly braids suit all types of girls and give you a more elegant look.

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