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12 Coolest Blonde Box Braids To Try 2022

Wondering how to make your hair into blonde box braids? Well, here are some of the coolest blonde box braid ideas for every hair type. Read further to know more about it. 

Blonde is the new black these days and one of the most popular hairstyles is box braids. I saw so many girls sporting blonde box hair on my Instagram which compelled me to try most of them. Needless to say, they looked freaking awesome. 

Blonde box braids are basically protective hair braided box-shaped on blonde-colored hair. Well, box braids look cool on all types of hair colour but blonde certainly is the coolest of them all. Box braids are common amongst Africans and most commonly, people refer to them as “African hairstyles”. 

Which is the best blonde box braids style? 

Accessorised Blonde Box Braids is the best blonde box braids style which can be created by attaching accessories on the blonde box braids. You can use clips, pins or other accessories to create this look. 

Celebrities like Beyoncé, Keke Palmer etc. have pulled off box braids so well, which fascinate me towards box braids even more. Box braids are easy to maintain and you can have them for a very long time before you change your hairstyle, even for months at times. 

Alright! without further ado, let’s find out some of the fanciest and the best blonde box braid styles that you can pull off easily. Find them below: 

Blonde Box Braids Hairstyles To Try

Half Updo Style Blonde Box Braids Bun 

Best Blonde Box Braids
Source: jennipf

Wow, this is literally my personal favorite style when it comes to blonde box braids bun. This style can be easily pulled off by anyone having long and dense hair. It looks even better on fresh-braided hair. 

All you need to do is take a section of your blonde braided hair and tie it on top like a bun. You have left a good chunk of hair braids open for this half-updo style. Your look can be casual as well as fancy, according to your choice and requirement. You can also tie two buns to give yourself a cute childish look. 

Undercut Blonde Box Braids

Undercut Blonde Box Braids 1
Source: aegarciaayou

Are you someone who likes quirky and funky hairstyles? Well, try this one for sure, it’s your type! Undercut blonde box braids are uber-cool but only a few can pull this look well. In the Gen-z language, I’d like to call this hairstyle a vibe. My sister has this hairstyle and she looks awesome with it. 

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Undercut blonde box braids means you have your sides, nape or insides molded with box braids of blonde colour, obviously. The shaved sides stand out when you tie up your box braids to show them off. 

Golden Blonde Box Braids

Golden Blonde Box Braids 1
Source: shardidthat

This is another cool blonde box braid style where the colour of hair is mixed with another colour to style your look. The golden shade looks super unique and goes well with the blonde shade to create a stylish look. 

You can keep your blonde box braids open or tie it in a bun to show the highlights of your coloured box braid. I have tried this hairstyle quite a few times and it really looks good especially on outfits that are dark in colour. 

Blonde Box Braids with Curly Ends

I styled my hair recently in box braids with curly ends, it looked phenomenally stylish and smart. The best part is that it fits all the outfits and events pretty well. It’s extremely easy to style. All you need to do is get box braids done and open the ends of it to create the curly end effect. 

You can also get the curly ends in different colors to make your hair look more stylish. The different texture of hair adds depth to the hairstyle and gives a unique look. This blonde box braid with curly ends hairstyle is probably amongst my top choices for blonde box braids.

Bob Blonde Box Braids

Many people assume that box braids are only possible on long hair until they see this one. Bob cut with box braids is a different vibe altogether. It looks super cool and organised. The best part is that the braids don’t weigh you down because the locks are short. 

I loved making blonde box braids even when I had a bob cut because it fetched me a lot of compliments. Also, this is such a low-maintenance look, you literally have to do nothing. It looks extremely cool if you get multiple shades of blonde hair before getting the box braids done. 

Long Blonde Box Braids

Long Blonde Box Braids 1
Source: ind.iana

Well, this is the simplest form of box braids if you have long hair. All you need to do is get box braids done on your blonde hair and leave them open to create a stylish yet sober look. You can customize the colour according to you like get highlights, dip dyed etc. 

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It’s low-maintenance and looks awesome with party outfits like gowns and dresses. You can also pull this off with a casual look or jeans. 

Knotless Blonde Box Braids

Knotless Blonde Box Braids are extremely popular these days. You can simply create it by dividing your hair into sections and braiding them leaving the knots free. They’ve a unique look that makes other people look at you and go, wow!

You know what, it also lowers the risk of hair breakage and looks quite thick when tied. It looks awesome on anyone, especially dark-skinned people as it enhances their skin undertones even more. 

Tied-Up Blonde Box Braids

Tied Up Blonde Box Braids 3
Source: nnoni_twist_

This tied-up blonde box braid is the best summer look because it wouldn’t irritate your face and make you feel hot. It’s an extremely simple and low-maintenance look because all you need to do is tie up your blonde box braid locks and secure it with a clutcher or rubber band. 

I love this look because it comes handy during the summer season but also looks cool during the winters. It’s easy to pull off as well. Just get this look already, what’re you waiting for?

Multiple Bun Blonde Box Braids

Well, this look is quite funky and might not suit everyone or every occasion. You can sport this with quirky outfits at events like halloween parties, theme parties etc. You can also pull it off when you’re going for a get together with friends but remember to keep your outfits funky. 

To try out this look, divide your blonde box braids into sections of the number of buns you would like to make. Tie each section into buns and secure it with pins so that they don’t fall off. You can keep around 2-3 box braids as fringes. 

Black and Blonde Box Braids

Well, this is quite a popular look to create on your hair. You can have multi-colour box braids so why not choose the basics. Black and blonde go really well together. You can get the dye on your hair the way you like, in balayage, dip dye or highlights. 

This box braid look is easy, all you need to have is your hair dyed in black as well as blonde. Once your hair is coloured, you can get your box braids done at home or at a salon according to the thickness you prefer.

Accessorised Blonde Box Braids

Wow, this has to be one of my favourite looks because it’s super different and makes one look super attractive. I swear, you’d turn twice to look at someone who has accessorised their blonde box braids. I saw a girl who had accessorized blonde box braids on the beach of Miami last year and I couldn’t stop staring at her the entire time I was there. 

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If you ask me, it’s not hard to create this look because all you need is proper accessories that go well with box braids. You can get small clips that can be tied around your braids or something like that in the picture. This look is really the coolest in the list. 

Full Bun Blonde Box Braids

Full Bun Blonde Box Braids 3
Source: coditarie

The full bun blonde box braids is another style to create which is very similar to the other bun blonde braids listed in the article. This look can be achieved by tying all the box braids together into a bun and securing it with rubber bands and clips. 

This look is mostly pulled-off during summer as I saw many people on beaches who had their blonde box braids tied into a bun. They look neat as well as stylish. 

Box Braids Styles

I have tried so many different types of blonde box braids that it’s easier to conclude that it’s my favourite hairstyle. If you’re someone who has blonde boxer braids or want to get box braids then you must try these looks that I’ve mentioned above. 

Most of these looks are easier to create and go along with whatever you wear in any kind of season. Do check out the above listed top blonde box braids style and tell us which one is your favourite in the comments below, Cheers!

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