10 Amazing Twist Braids Hairstyles

We curated a list of the best twist braids hairstyles. Check it out!

Twist braids are new and unique within the evergreen trend of African braiding styles. Twists can be adapted in several ways and this versatility has made them an instant hit in the fashion industry. If your hair is naturally curly, twists are an easy and great way to get a different hairdo.

Slightly different from other African braids, twists are woven by dividing the lock into two sections instead of three. This is how twists make the perfect alternative to the usual dreadlocks and braids.

Appearing like a thick lock of hair, twists can be adapted into several hairstyles and can even be woven in ways to look fresh and unique. And the best part about it is that it is much easier to create as compared to normal braids.

We have a quick guide to show you the many ways in which twist braids can look mesmerising. Extremely versatile, you can either try each one as you go, or pick one depending on the occasions. So go on, you might even spot your next go-t0 hairstyle in this list!

Top Twist Braids hairstyles

Havana Twist Braids

Lasting for up to eight weeks, Havana Twists are a brilliant protective styling method. The Havana twists look mighty and gorgeous given their thick volume and smoothly consistent texture. It’s a great way to accentuate your twists!

If you want minimal tension in your hair but still crave the trendy twists, Havana Twists can be your easy fix. You can wear these braids naturally and they do not require much styling once woven into your hair. Apart from being woven, Havana Twists can also be installed using natural-textured extensions to add volume to your hairstyle.

Twisted Ponytail

For this fresh take on the usual ponytail, you can tie your twist braids low into a ponytail. Twist a couple of your braids around the hair to make it look like the hair tie.

This is one of the easiest ways to make your ponytail and twist braids look elegant. When paired with side swept hair, this hairstyle gets a unique royal feel about it which will make you feel and look like the diva of the town.

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Even a simple high ponytail with twist braids can look immensely attractive since the twists are such a unique style in itself.

Twists with Cornrows

A great twist to your twists would be to go the evergreen cornrow style with them! Woven close to the scalp with the pattern of your choosing, twists will add a fresh touch to the usual cornrows.

With such an experiment that is bound to not fail, you will surely make some heads turn! You do not have to put further efforts into styling your hair because the cornrows will already be stealing the show.

This hairstyle will bring out the creative side of your personality and will make a soft but strong statement.

Twist Out Mohawk

You can use your twist braids to make a hairstyle that looks like a cool mohawk but even better. This hairstyle might appear complex but is actually pretty easy to make. All you have to do is to turn your hair into several strands of twists. Divide your hair into three vertical sections and make ponytails out of these sections.

Tuck each ponytail into a small bun of its own and use some bobby pins to hold them together. With a neat look on both sides of your head and an elegant updo in the middle, Twist Out Mohawks are ruling the hairstyle world currently.

Twist Braids hairstyles for everyone

Micro Twist Braids

DIY Twist Braids hairstyles

How would you like to mix two of the best African braiding styles? We have got an idea for you! A brilliant way to make your twist braids stand out is by making them really thin which will also bring out the texture of your twists!

Micro Twists look like thicker strands of hair considering their minimal thickness. The finished result looks more subtle, soft and stylish when woven into the micro manner of braids.

An added benefit will be that these twists can be styled into different and more intricate hairstyles.

Updo with Twists

You can never go wrong with a chic updo. Twist braids make for the perfect hair that can be tied into several kinds of high hairstyles. High bun is just the surface of creativity because you can style your twists into side-swept updos, high ponytails, romantic braided updo, space buns, etc.

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There is a range to choose from but the central idea is to wear a high hairstyle for an elegant royal feel. If you are bored of wearing your hair down, you can choose a hairstyle according to your face shape or the occasion of the day!

Spring Twist Braids

The spring twist braids have a unique coil-like look which makes it our personal favourite. You can just use the extensions that are pre-treated to be really springy. For your natural hair, the hairstyle will prove to be protective and lightweight. The hairstyle makes for a cute beach vacation look.

A good hack would be to use olive oil while getting the spring twists woven so that it enhances the nourishment of this undeniable cute look. Other than being versatile, it is great for your hair growth and nutrient retention!

Twist Crochet Braids

The crochet hair twist was a big hit in the ‘90s and is making a well-deserved reappearance. This hairstyle is the perfect cocktail of vintage with African braiding style. The crochet method weaves your hair into twisted braids using the latch-hook needle and ends up with an artistic texture.

Elegant Twist Braids hairstyles

Apart from a new pattern, the crochet twists also add a volume to your hair, especially if you use hair extensions. You can always play around with the thickness of the crochet braids or weave it in the cornrow way for better styling.

Halo Twist

Like a crown, Halo Twist hairstyle sits royally around your head. The essence of this hairstyle is twisting your hair but wearing a Halo Twist hairstyle made out of twist braids will definitely be different than what you have ever tried.

To get this hairstyle, take a section from the front and one from the back and make a flat smooth twist over one ear. Keep going in the same manner and grab new strands of hair every few twists.

Repeat till you reach the other ear and secure the hairstyle with pins. With these simple steps, you can achieve this divine look at home!

Twist Braids with Curls

This hairstyle is for all the curly haired girls out there. Get the twist braids without worrying about evening out your natural curls. If your hair is not curly, you can always get them curled for a fresh change.

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Another chic way to wear your twist braids is to curl them at the end. If you have long hair, you should definitely try this hairstyle! You can leave the parts at the end of your hair untwisted and can curl them instead.

Or, you can curl your twisted locks entirely. Either way, your twists are bound to look chic, gorgeous and trendy — all at the same time. The curls bring out the definition and volume of your hair.

Colours and Accessories

The best way to up your twist braids game is by using colours, hair accessories, headgears etc. Shades of red are unapologetically paired with twists. Two-toned twists are an instant classic in the African braiding styles.

A hair scarf would enhance not just the look of your hair but also your confidence. You can also consider installing beads into your hair — an accessory that seems like it was invented for African style braids.

Accessories allow you to practise your creativity and there is no going wrong when you add a personal touch to your own look!

This is a quick list of fashion fixes to suit any and all of your styles and moods. It might come in handy if getting African-style twist braids is on your mind.

Get these twisted braids installed in your hair and add a twist further by choosing any of the given hairstyle ideas to really stand out. You can unhesitantly bookmark a few of these hairstyles the next wedding or party you attend!