18 Cool Short Hairstyles For Black Women | Stylish Short Hairstyles for Black Women!

Looking for short hairstyles for black women? We curated a list of the most stylish an trendy hairstyles for black women with short hair. Check it out!

Summers used to be for carefree, hassle free looks – short dresses, shorts, shirts and of course – short hairstyles. Women started off exploring bob cuts – with bangs, without bangs, side swept fringes, centre partitions, the whole works. Today, regardless of the time of the year, we see an advent of short hairstyles – right from bob cuts to pixie cuts and buzz cuts. With the amount of options available, when it comes to style, colour and care of short hairstyles, it becomes quite a task to figure out what might be ‘the one’ for you.

So to make your task (and life) a little easier, we have curated a list of short hairstyles, specially for black women. We explore different cuts, styles and moods that you might want to emulate with your haircut. So go ahead, pick up your cup of tea, and after reading this list, pick up your phone and book an appointment with your go-to hairstylist!

Top Short Hairstyles For Black Women

short hairstyle for black women

The Modern Buzz Cut

The Modern Buzz Cut which slowly faded out to the nape of the neck, is a brilliant choice for black women looking to switch to a clean and bold look. This shaved cut brings a unique kind of femininity that stands out, but is also surprisingly easy to pull off. You can make it your own by colouring your hair in shades of maroon, purple or anything, really!

Short Finger Waves

If not for the more whimsical curves, you could always go for short finger waves. Cut the back of your hair really short and get an easy curly hairstyle. These look especially good on dark coloured hair. Go for these short finger waves if you want a more chic, smart look.

Blonde Bangs

You could always go for blonde bangs, to bring a nice contrast to your hairstyle. This will make your bangs stand out while at the same time bringing attention to your edgy pixie cut. Hair ends dyed in a different colour is the trend now, so you could totally go for a red or electric blue as well! Doing this with your pixie or short bob will be a complete game changer!

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Colour it Blonde

Now, this might sound slightly more drastic than the others, but stay with us. Short, fully coloured blonde hair looks excellent on people with wheatish to dark skin tone. It brings out your highlights and cheekbones, and gives a well-defined, glamorous and elegant look.

Or Colour it Dark Blonde

If you are a little hesitant to go all blonde, pick a dye which falls in the dirty blonde – dark blonde spectrum. This way you can gauge how your hair might look in a lighter, different colour. Not only that, dark blonde by itself is a tasteful colour, as it has a gold sheen which makes it equal parts glamorous and chic.

pixie black hairstyle

Classic Pixie Cut

Simple and classic, cut it off and cut it good. Not only is this one of the most hassle free hairstyles for practically any hair type, but it is incredibly versatile and comfortable too.

The Curly Pixie Mohawk

A mohawk teamed with luscious curls goes brilliantly well especially with long faces. You could even have your tips dyed in a lighter shade. While shaving your ideas would look lovely by itself, you could even slick your hair down in finger waves for a more retro vibe. Ou could even straighten it for a more chic look.

Tapered Pixie with Layered Top

Short hair acts as a nice canvas to experiment with colours and styles. Dye your hair in a vibrant shade, like a scarlet or a turquoise, which acts as a contrast against the dark roots. This creates a nice gradient. This style makes her coloured hair pop, and it gives you an elegant as well as an edgy look.

Long tapered Pixie with Springy Curls

Add some girl next-door vibe to your typical tapered pixie by curling them. Nice and bouncy curls look gorgeous on all face structures, and even more so when short. You could use a curling iron for this, or clip on curlers overnight. Remember to apply either a leave-in conditioner or a hair serum before you step out!

Mod Pixie Cut

A modern interpretation of a Twiggy-inspired hairstyle which looks absolutely gorgeous especially on darker skin tones. This look is non-pareil and you should definitely try it at least once!

short hairstyle for black women

Modern Bob with Curls or Side Partition

A bob cut is a safe choice if you are not yet ready to take the leap to pixie. A classic way to style a modern bob would be to straighten, and part it on the side. Of course, such short black hairstyles will require careful styling in the mornings as they need to be straightened and tended to everyday. But if you are up for spending that time on your hair regularly, this hairstyle might just be your stepping stone to shorter, edgier hairstyles.

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Extra Short Hair (for those with curly hair)

Similar to the finger waves, but shorter! Closely cut your hair so much so that one can only see tiny ringlets resting on your scalp. This is one of the easiest short hairstyles for black women, and is extremely low maintenance. And what’s more, nothing will highlight your facial features like this brave cut. Be it a formal event or a party, this hairstyle goes with any and all outfits.

Textured Cut or Layers

This is basically a layer cut, but with short hair. While this requires a comparatively skilled hairstylist, once done, it is easy to maintain and looks elegant. The layers give the hair some sort of a texture, and people often pair this with side swept bangs to give the look further identity. Make sure you straighten your hair every time though.

So a pixie cut with short bangs, or a textured cut with bangs could be your routine go-to, in-between your coloured hair and other edgy phases.

A fun alternative : Textured Curls

If you have nice luscious curls or waves waiting to be discovered as curls, you can go for a textured cut, and just leave it as it is! Textured curls look absolutely gorgeous. One thing to keep in mind is that you will have to maintain and take care of your curls – use leave in conditioner, hair serum, and other tips to make sure your curls are healthy.

Short Hair with Undercut

If you want to go for something more experimental, short hair with a layered undercut is the hairstyle for you. The layers add volume to your hair, and at the same time leave you with neat, lined-up sides and an elegant end at the nape. Coloured hair or not, this hairstyle looks good either way. And like most short hairstyles, it is hassle free and low maintenance; that is, once you get the haircut. Cutting nicely lined-up layers requires skill, so make sure you go to a hairstylist whom you trust to get it right.

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Blue – Black Hair Dye

Darker hues of blue and purple look great on short hair as they give a nice sheen to the whole look. Popularly referred to as feathers, and rightfully so because of the alluring beauty that they are, dark blue and purple hair colour is a good midground for someone looking to explore but also play it safe.

Short Hairstyle with Shaved Design

If you are looking to go all out on the edgy scale, getting a nice textured shave at the nape is where your answer lies. Pick a funky, whimsical design, go to your local hairstylist, and shave your hair in that pattern for an eye-catching back view.

Short Hairstyle with a Shaved Line

If a shaved design is a tad bit extra, you could go for a neat simple line on the side of your scalp. This look is simple and very attractive. And if you feel like it, you could upgrade to blonde bangs, a chic undercut or even a blue hair hue.

Once you have figured out what you want to do with your hair, make sure you also consult your hairstylist. Given their hands- on experience, their inputs would be invaluable. Good luck and rock that short hairstyle like you own it!