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10 Cool Micro Braid Hairstyles

We curated a list of best micro braid hairstyles. Check it out!

Micro braids are the quirkiest way to keep your hair from damage and feel confident while doing so. These braids are extremely thin woven into the hair and might require a lot of time and patience.

But once done, you’ll definitely feel that your hair looks worth all the time and effort! Plus, it is surprisingly versatile. You could wear it to the gym, to work or even to a wedding.

It also protects your hair against damage and lasts for nearly eight weeks. Apart from being one of the most convenient braiding styles, micro braids are also very versatile.

A micro braid looks like a thick stylish strand of hair and can easily be styled in many ways to recycle fresh looks everyday. Although you can let your braids loose and look like a diva, we have a list of hairstyles that would make your hairstyle look even better! So let’s look at new ways you can wear it, experiment with it, and love it.

Top Micro Braid Hairstyles

Braid of Micro Braids

A braid made out of thinner braids!? That’s the way to go. Once your hair is woven into numerous micro braids, you can make a thick braid out of it to give it a trendy touch. The micro braids will add a special pattern to a normal braid making it stand out.

Other than a simple braid, you can level up with a French or Dutch style braid to flaunt your skills and micro braids at the same time. Another great idea would be to braid your hair from the front at the scalp to get a cute look that frames your face.

This way, the hairstyle will let you flaunt your features, and highlight your accessories as well, if at all you decide to go decorative with them.

micro braids

High Bun

Messy or neat, a micro-braid bun is a complete treat to the eyes! With a new pattern to the usual buns, micro braids add a chic element to this hairstyle. You can get really creative with your buns.

Using a micro braid as a headband to wrap your bun high would be a cool idea. You can leave a couple of strands loose at the front to give your bun a messy look. Tying high buns is a classic and you can never go wrong by adding a micro braid touch to it!

Easy Half Updo

If you are bored of wearing your hair down but are in a bit of a slump, the half updo could be your go-to hairstyle! Just grab a couple of braids from both sides and tie it loosely together with a hairband.

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Add it to your quick go-to hairstyles if you are always running out of time in your busy schedule between chasing meetings and assignments!

To make it look more chic, you can use a couple of your micro braids to wrap around your braids to act like a hairband. This simple hairstyle will give your hair a neat look and keep them conveniently together. Plus, it is very trendy at the moment, and will be a total eye grabber too!

Messy Ponytail

Pull all your braids together in a cute ponytail for a quick hairstyle. This hairstyle is an instant classic which keeps you stress free and your braids together.

We understand that achieving a neat ponytail with micro braids might be a challenge and that’s why we suggest a messy ponytail. Just tie your hair together roughly and rest assured that it would look perfectly cute and rusty at the same time – thanks to your micro braids!

Although you can tie a ponytail in whichever way you like, we will definitely recommend a high pony to flaunt your micro braids better!

You can even accessorise it with a fascinating scrunchies, a designer scarf or just a nic stole wrapped around your hair, which also brings us to the next style.

Scarf or Headgear

If you are not in the mood for much experimentation and are looking for a quick fix, scarves and other headgears could top your list! By wrapping a cute hair scarf, you can get a chic look while keeping your braids in place.

Another headgear that we enthusiastically suggest is a twistband headwrap! Covering the face, it accentuates your facial features and gives your entire look a chic touch. Micro braids also go really well with bucket hats, caps and beanies.

If you are going for a hairstyle, you can also use the scarf creatively by braiding it into a thick braid or wrapping your neat bun with it.

Coloured Micro Braids

You can never go wrong with adding some colours to your hair, especially if they are woven into micro braids. An up and coming trend is the two-toned micro braids. The distinction of two colours in such hair comes out really well with a hair updos.

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You can also colour just the ends of your braids with any shade of your choice or go for a full hair rainbow theme – a raging favourite amongst micro braid havers! If not for the vibrant colours, some go-to micro braid shades could be ombre, blonde, silver, balayage, etc.

Micro Cornrows

Cornrows are the most common locks braiding style and are constantly evolving. Instead of getting your hair into the normal micro braids, you can consider getting them braided as micro cornrows – a brand new crossover of African braiding hairstyles!

This hairstyle is gaining popularity amongst celebrities and also on the red carpet. Cornrows are essentially braided close to the scalp.

This way your micro braids will look neat close to the scalp instead of hanging loose. It is the perfect summery look and is a must try for a trendy beach vacation.

Beads and Accessories

A great way to style your micro braids would be to accessorise them. Out of these accessories, we would especially recommend adding some beads to your braids. Putting beads in your hair will reinvent you already stylish micro braids in no time!

Before you go looking for beads, we would suggest getting those see-through crystal beads which will add a chic look to your braids.

There is a huge range of beads to choose from and none that you can go wrong with. Go ahead and prove that beaded micro braids are truly superior!

Shaved Side

If you have shaved sides, adding micro braids to your look could be the next step to level up your hair game. If not, this is about the right time to shave your side heads and accentuate your micro braid hairstyle.

Pairing shaved sides with micro braids will give you a rustic look adding an instant boost of confidence and style to your get-up. If not for shaved sides, you can add some snazz to your micro braids with a cool undercut hairstyle.

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Try considering different patterns on your undercut if you want your micro braids to look really intense.

bob haircut

Bob Haircut

Getting micro braids with a bob style haircut is the new emerging hairstyle. This hairstyle looks quite niche and new in the world of braids. If you have short hair and are looking for a fresh change, don’t shy away from getting micro braids.

Mixing micro braids with a haircut will give you the perfect complete makeover that you have been putting off since quite a while now.

Getting a bob with braids is the best protective and convenient hairstyle for the summers which will minimise damage and keep you stress free for the season!

Best Micro Braid Hairstyles

Loose Wavy Ends

The micro braids don’t have to go all the way till the tips of your hair. A fresh way to spruce up your micro braids is by leaving them slightly unfinished at the ends. Instead of the usual sealed braids, you can give your hair a chic wavy touch from the bottom.

If the birds look a bit dull, you can quickly fix that by spraying dry oil on your braids to get a shiny and glossy finish. By leaving loose ends, there will be different layers of hair on display which will make you stand out from the braids crowd.

Micro braids stay with you for quite a while but you might get bored with wearing the same look everyday for weeks. These are some ways in which you can give a twist to your lush micro braids. You can always get a little creative yourself and experiment but when running out of ideas, this could be your go-to look book. This list is really all you need to make your micro braids look even better than they already do!