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Are you someone who fancies a great hairdo? Well, Hairstylepedia will be your second home then!

We brought Hairstylepedia to life with a similar intention for like-minded people who love their hair and experiment with it quite often. It’s a one stop solution for everything you can remotely associate with hair. 

The author of Hairstylepedia hopes that you get most out of the hairstyles we’ve suggested on our site. We have a collection of the most exciting hairstyle suggestions for different hair types, lengths, and volumes. We listen to everyone!

Check out Hairstylepedia right now if you’re fishing for ideas to get a new hairstyle, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed!

joanne hairstyle pedia

CEO and Chief Editor

Joanne Davidson this side, a hair stylist by the day and a beauty blogger by the night. I grew up in Chicago, Illinois and attended Paul Mitchell Beauty School where I pursued hair fashion and styling. I don’t remember a time, I wasn’t fascinated with hair and hairstyle ever since my childhood. 

Growing up, I had long rapunzel-like hair that my mother would style and take care of. I had different hairstyles almost every day which fetched me a plethora of compliments. My hairstyling journey leaped when I started writing blogs on different topics related to the same. 

I spent half my adulthood with short hair where I experimented with different hairstyles, hair colours and haircuts. My trials and errors made me an expert in this regard. 

I simultaneously went and participated in a lot of hair styling contests and events where I received medals for my expertise and a lot of appreciation from the top hairstylists of the world.

Hope Hairstylepedia is your new obsession and you’re always here looking to give yourself a change that your hair needs!

Aanchal Mohta

Hey Everyone!

Aanchal here, I am a writer for hairstylepedia.com. I’ve a degree in Journalism and writing is my passion, something I find my peace in.

I’ve been experimenting with my (and all my friend’s) hair since my childhood with a lot of different hairstyles, hair colour, hair care and a lot more. So, when hairstylepedia.com approached to me with an opportunity of writing, I was thrilled.

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