10 Easy ‘50s Hairstyles For Women

We curated a list of easy 50’s hairstyles for women. Check it out!

Despite endless innovations, the fashion industry always goes back to its days of vintage glory. Apart from drawing inspiration for further creativity, it is the nostalgia of going back to the roots and acknowledging how timeless fashion has been! Also, you can never go wrong with adding a little vintage stir to get away from your regular get-ups.

With different kinds of hairstyles for both short and long hair, the ‘50s was a time when women were moving away from the fashion conventions. If you try out any of the ‘50s hairstyles, it is not just a fashion statement you will hold up, but also a political one. So go ahead and get yourself a little makeover with a quick ‘50s hairstyle if you want to look and also feel confidently stylish!

Easy 50s Hairstyles for women

Easy 50s Hairstyles for women

Short Bangs aka Micro Fringe

Popularised by the legendary actress Audrey Hepburn during the late ‘50s, short bangs is an unusual hairstyle that is doing the rounds again. Also known as micro fringe, the short bangs are at least an inch above the eyebrows and do not cover the entire forehead like common bangs. These can be shortened further depending on your personally chosen aesthetic. They can be waved, curled or straightened further to add a little snazz to your simple looking short bangs. The versatility of short bangs is that it goes with both short and long hair. Bangs saw a major comeback during the pandemic since they are so easy and can be done on one’s own. However, at this point, short bangs are definitely the future of fringes (and for good reason)!

Poodle Updo

Unlike the modern curly bob, the ’50s curly bob was aptly also known as Poodle Updo. The ladies found the poodle updo to be an ideal hairstyle to go with full dresses. For a vintage curly bob, the hair is curled tightly and swept up into a poof on the top of the head. The hairstyle was adopted by famous Hollywood actresses to accentuate their neck while also keeping enough attention on their glamorous hairdo. Using a bunch of bobby pins and a little hairspray to keep the updo intact, you will be all set to own the party in a boho-vintage way! With a heavy vintage aesthetic, the poodle updo will make you stand out in any social gathering – be it a casual picnic, or even a work party.

Hair Scarves and Headbands

Easy 50s Hairstyles for women scarves

One of the most chic ways to glam up your hair is by adding appropriate hair accessories to your outfit. Without sitting in the salon or putting in a mountain of effort in front of the mirror, you can get a quick and cute look in no time! Wrapping a hair scarf around the head and knotting it at the side has been the classic ‘50s way to go about accessorising your hair. Women also used long chiffon hair scarves to protect their hair from the wind and from tangling as well, on a day out. Hence, not only are scarves a laid-back fashion statement, but it might just be the accessory that brings out the best in your outfit. Moreover, keeping the hair swept back with a simple headband was considered to be a look of sophistication with an offbeat touch.


Chignon is a vintage hairstyle that has made a pleasant comeback especially on the red carpet. The hairstyle is also being replicated for weddings and other formal events. A chignon hairstyle is essentially a low bun at the nape of the neck. Messy, braided or neatly tied, a chignon can look effortlessly romantic and chic in its versatility. During the 50s, women tied a flattened chignon to give it a smooth texture. If you have long hair, Chignon is a perfect alternative to a classic ponytail as it keeps your hair manageable for the entirety of a long outing. Bring elegance back in style with a sleek chignon and get rid of the mercilessly tight buns!

Victory Rolls

The victory rolls are curls that are heavy in volume and are worn either around the face frame or at the top of the head. It is another way to channel your inner Hollywood fashionista. Victory Rolls can be worn by women with short hair or long hair. These glamorous curls are often used to enhance the famous pin-up look. As the name suggests, victory rolls are a perfect win-win if you are looking for a way to glam up your curling game!

Classic Side Sweep

The side-sweep hairstyle was worn with tilted hats but the 50s saw a trend where the hats trailed out of fashion and the classic side sweep took the center stage. It has never gone out of style since and is still the most visible hairstyle on the red carpet! The vintage side sweep goes perfectly well with either curls or waves. On one side of the head, the hair is swept over the ear and falls gracefully down the other shoulder. The vintage side sweep should be your go-to hairstyle if you are ever planning on leaving your hair open for the occasion.

French Twist

French Twist is one of the most elegant looking upswept hair updos and the best part is it is quick and easy. It is ideal if you have long hair and are tired of wearing it down your shoulders. Once the hair is styled at the front, the long hair is pulled back into an inward twisted hairstyle that covers the entire back of the head like a sleek block. The french twist hairstyle is absolutely perfect for occasions such as weddings and proms. Once you master the updo, you can make a statement by wearing it for your day-to-day outings.

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Easy 50s Hairstyles for women bouffant


The bouffant hairstyle emerged during the late ‘50s and has been evolving constantly ever since. With your hair rising high above the head, a modern version of the bouffant adds a posh touch to your look and can be worn for night parties or elegant soirees. The bouffant hairstyle is made by teasing your hair and is held in place by using a lot of hairspray. It is a secure way to enjoy the rest of your evening looking, and feeling, like a Hollywood fashionista or a European style icon!

pixie vintage


The evolution of pixie from a vintage hairstyle to a softgirl aesthetic has been glorious. The pixie cut is famously appreciated for its suitability on any face shape and hair texture. Back in the ‘50s, pixie cut was considered to be very boyish and it was rather brave of actresses like Audrey Hepburn and Debbie Reynolds to own a pixie style despite the criticisms. You can dye your hair in a vibrant maroon, purple or aquamarine to add a modern millennial touch. You can even go for a dark, black themed makeup, like smoky eyes and deep lip colour for a gothic look. To rock a vintage ‘50s style pixie hairstyle yourself, you can always pair it with short bangs (see hairstyle 1) and have a fresh look upcycled from the mid 1900s.

Vintage Waves

If done properly, vintage waves are a brilliant treat to the eyes. Also known as Hollywood Waves, the Vintage Waves have a consistent wave pattern across the hair. There are no distinct locks of hair with different wave patterns. The waves in this specific hairstyle are distinctly set apart giving your hair a uniformly neat, sleek and glamorous look. A great way to secure your waves would be to use dry shampoo to enhance the volume and then set it by using a hairspray. These sultry waves can be styled for special date nights or you can transform any gathering into a high fashion party with this simple yet gorgeous hairstyle!

You can choose from any of these vintage hairstyles and bring back the ‘50s single-handedly! These vintage hairstyles can always be improvised to suit your personal aesthetic and a contemporary feel. You can play with hair extensions, different colours and variations of the length of your hair. You can even pick up a few vintage clothing pieces to complete the look, like low waist jeans, vibrant bell bottoms, a poodle or circle skirt with a fitting blouse, or simply a nice tea length swing dress with petticoats for the fullness. Initially unfamiliar, once you explore the 50s fashion more and more, you will realise that it is extremely versatile.

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And the best part? It is never a bad idea to break away from the norms and pluck a page out of the legendary guide written back in the day. To add an instant glam touch to your look, this list of ‘50s hairstyles could be the only handbook you need!