20 1950s Men’s Hairstyles Ideas

Elvis Presley greatly inspired 1950s Men’s Hairstyles. Heavily sideburned quiffs became very popular during this era.

Hairstyles in this particular age group were really dashing and favored. James Dean attracted a lot of fanatics of greaser haircuts. A slick wet appearance could be achieved by using hair cosmetics.

Unlike fashion models, celebrities and many fashion bloggers usually have styled their hair like what was seen on fashion plates and in magazines or even glamorous award shows.

There was a noticeable effect in all branches of society, including trends and pop culture. Thank goodness, it also made men’s hairstyles of the 1950s accessible to everyone.

Throughout history, celebrity hairstyles have influenced the way Americans present themselves, act, and dress. The public’s awareness of celebrities used to be much lower before movies.

1950s Mens Hairstyles

It’s possible to get a slick rockabilly pompadour, a military-inspired butch cut, or a regular haircut, now here are possible hairstyles men can find their way to dazzle around.

Classic Pompadours

Classic pompadour hairstyles dominated the 1950s. Pompoms are styled the same way for all hair lengths and textures, but they can be tailored to a variety of different hair types. To style your hair, you just need to brush it away from your face and place it above your forehead.

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Long Layered Side Parted Hairstyle

This hairstyle becomes even more spectacular when you have long hair. Long hair makes it easier to achieve a layered look, while a side part allows you to grow a beard. The best part is that It gives you a good base for future hairstyles. Also, do wear this haircut and flaunt your long hair.

1950s side parting hairstyle male

Sleek Hollywood Hairstyles

As the 50s were marked by the Hollywood Golden Age, you can only imagine how much of an impact actors had on the trends of the time. Even much like today, celebrities would always set the tone for the latest must-haves in terms of fashion, beauty, and grooming. This super clean and sexy look has been rocking the red carpet and can be your go-to party look.

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Low Maintenance Retro Haircuts

Regardless of the era, the hair on top should be allowed to remain a bit longer than the sides. Having long hair on top, down, and sides is not difficult, but you need to slightly sweep it back with a hand and apply pomade. Then, as in any era, the hair can be cut in many ways.


Mens Hairstyles for Curly Hair

One of the best parts about men’s hairstyles from the 50s is that they worked for any texture. For instance, guys with curly hair could easily rock a tapered haircut and leave their curls on top. From there, they could continue to try out additional gelled hairstyles.

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Side Part and Short Sides

Likely to seem like a nerdy good boy hairstyle achieved after trimming the sides super short to a high fade, comb in a side part, and smooth the hair across the head. A simple and easy hairstyle that won’t take much of your time and still manage to make you worth the watch.

1950s Side parted hairsryle

Ivy League Men’s Hairstyles

Ivy League haircuts were the most popular men’s haircuts in the 1950s. Although the Ivy League cut took on different forms over the years, it always represented prestige and social status. If your style matches the preppy look then why not give this a chance!

50s Men hairstyles
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Retro Ducktail

When styled appropriately, a ducktail looks trendy and bold, no matter how controversial the style may be. As a result, you should have enough texture and volume in the middle section of your hair to stand out. That is why it is better to wear it with curly and thick hair rather than thin and flat hair.

50s men hairstyles for short hair

High Quiff Hairstyle

While High Quiff Hairstyle is a distinctly 1950s style, if you are a fan of modern fashion trends, then you might find this hairstyle to be exceptionally desirable. High Quiff Hairstyle is a classic in every sense. When you’re bored with your current hairstyle definitely experiment with this one. You’re going to look great with the waves in the middle and drive all the attention on yourself.

1950s hairstyles for all hair types

Teddy Boy Hairstyle

An outgrowth of American rock n’ roll, the British Teddy Boy is considered one of the most popular hairstyles among men of different social and economic classes. It is distinctive and noticeable so you will instantly gain the reputation of a fashion-forward gentleman if you do it.

1950s teddy hairstyle

Curly Fringe Hairstyle

Fashion-conscious men will adore Curly Fringe Hairstyle, regardless of if it’s from today or the 1950s. Such a style certainly fits the bill of any man who wants to hit the style radar. A curling fringe hairstyle is undoubtedly a popular choice, regardless of whether it is today or back in the 1950s. Men who wish to be on the cutest side can wear this hairstyle without fail.

1950s hairstyles for men in curly hair

Side Swept And Short Sides Haircut

The curly look on the side-swept hair makes this hairstyle a trend to date. It brings out both a classical and modern look at the same time. The short sides which conjoin with a beard are also noticeable from a distance. You have the freedom of choosing the size of your hair. Grow your hair and make this your next hairstyle.

1950s hairstyles for all hair

Breaker Haircut

The list of the most popular 50’s hairstyles would not be full without a breaker haircut. It looks very much like a pompadour, but instead of a voluminous pomp in the front, a breaker features sleek waves.

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Quiff-Pomp Blend

Combining the vintage hairstyles in a new, trendy way can add vibrant style. There’s nothing more appropriate when you can’t decide between pomp and a quiff than Thai. Combine them together to get the look you want.

1950s hairsyle for long hair

Flat Top Short Hairstyle

There are several different and both flattering ways for men to wear their hair, of almost any length, with great bangs. Flat Top Short Hairstyle is one of these flattering hairstyles, which became an alluring fashion trend in the 1950s. Especially this magnificent hairstyle not only enhances your glamour but also makes your looks sexy.

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Messy 1950s Men’s Hairstyles

Men in the 1950s were also used to wearing messy hairstyles. Trying them today can really make you appear either adorable or extremely attractive. It’s also worth mentioning that messy hairstyles for men are extremely popular at the moment.

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Edgeways comb over

This is one of the hairstyles for men from the 1950s, which is somewhere in between the Ivy League and the greaser. A lot of gel is used to keep the hair in place, however, the lateral comb-over gives this greaser a more intellectual appearance.

1950s hairstles lateral comb

Grease Haircut

This timeless hairstyle has been around since the ’50s or at least it was then when it gained popularity. Although it is mostly associated with John Travolta’s role in Grease, men still do not disappoint when they wear this hairstyle.

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Long Curly Haircut

This haircut is recommended for men who prefer not to have or trim their beards. All the hairstyles on this list have curly looks throughout the head. Firstly go for the usual trimming of your hair to your desired length. Remember to form curls according to your preference. Most men have easy curly hair.

1950s hairstyles for men

Amazingly all the classic 1950s men’s hairstyles as you see consist of scores of textures that are smooth, slick, and shiny. Either it’s a Muppet Mash like this, an executive contour, a pompadour, a college contour, or a Hollywood slick back – all of them can be adjusted to today’s style.

In contrast to young people, older and more serious generations tended to prefer regular haircuts, such as side-parted and tapered sides and back. Men’s hairstyles from the 1950s included crew cuts and Ivy leagues. It was never really too fashionable to have long hair.

These Vintage hairstyles are so well known among all generations that one would make a huge mistake not to try them at least once. The 1950s hairstyles can be challenging, especially when they are made more distinctive and edgier.

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However, not every man in the 1950s wore an aggressive style. It is a fact that the 1950s styles are iconic and have been in touch for a really long time now.

The purpose of this article is to show you some modern expressions of classics and ideas that still look good today. It will also help you to find some originality of styles that would look great in the modern world. It is also advisable to know from the Old Hollywood stars to get an upper hand in the style you want to adapt.

It is wise to take inspiration from earlier generations’ trends; to then adapt them and give them a new life. And to stay aware of what our predecessors have left behind for us to nurture today.